Destiny 2 Undercurrent PVE & PVP God Roll and How to Get

Learn the Destiny 2 Undercurrent Grenade Launcher god roll for PVE and PVP content, the best perks, and how to get it!

Destiny 2 Undercurrent PvE & PvP God Roll and How to Get

Undercurrent is a wave-frame grenade launcher introduced in the Nightfall playlist during Season of the Wish. Wave-frame grenade launchers are some of the best add clear weapons for all levels of PVE. The Undercurrent is an easy-to-acquire weapon with a powerful perk pool containing several great options for PVE and PVP.

The Undercurrent Grenade Launcher is from the Nightfall playlist making obtaining it a little difficult. Nightfall weapons are on a weekly rotator so you have to wait until the week this weapon is available to farm for it. This could mean the weapon is only available on a particularly hard Nightfall map and could be difficult for some to obtain more than a few rolls. However, this weapon is more accessible for a lot of players than its direct counterpart, Forbearance, which requires running Vow of Disciple raid to obtain.

Undercurrent PVE God Roll

The best perks for the PVE god roll of Undercurrent are Quick Launch, High-Velocity Rounds, Ambitious Assassin, Voltshot, and Reload Masterwork.

Below are the best perks for the Undercurrent PVE God Roll:

BarrelQuick Launch
MagazineHigh-Velocity Rounds
Column 3 TraitAmbitious Assassin
Column 4 TraitVoltshot
Undercurrent PvE God Roll Chart

Quick Launch is a must-have for nearly every grenade launcher as it provides a massive boost in desirable stats for the weapon. Since the weapon is a wave-frame grenade launcher, we only have two options for the mag with High-Velocity Rounds being the clear winner. For our first perk, we have the obvious choice of Ambitious Assassin as it’s a strong reload perk that can give us additional shots every reload. There is a second option here which is Demolitionist, however, it doesn’t provide much benefit for the weapon itself but it can be good for grenade spam builds. Lastly, the clear final choice is Voltshot as this provides massive add clear and can synergize with arc subclass builds.

Wave-frame grenade launchers have some of the best add clear in the game. Sending forward a wave of elemental energy from where they land clearing out entire groups of enemies. Since they are special weapons they do pack a punch, however, they are not high-health enemy melters. They are far more suited towards add clear and even allow some players to run double special weapon load-outs. Since this does have Voltshot, it can stun overload enemies and does have some extra compatibility with arc subclasses.

Undercurrent holds the potential to be one of the best PvE weapons to get for add clear beating out the previous champion, Forbearance, by being easier to obtain and having extra synergistic perks.

Undercurrent PVP God Roll

The best perks for the PVP god roll of Undercurrent are Quick Launch, High-Velocity Rounds, Demolitionist, Voltshot, and Handling Masterwork.

Below are the best perks for the Undercurrent PVP God Roll:

FeatureWeapon Perk
BarrelQuick Launch
BatteryHigh-Velocity Rounds
Column 3 TraitDemolitionist
Column 4 TraitVoltshot
Undercurrent PvP God Roll Chart

Most of the minor perks should be focused on handling to allow swapping to and from this weapon quickly. Wave-frame grenade launchers have limited niche uses in PVP for initiating or cleaning up a fight. So perks like Demolitionist and Voltshot provide additional benefits to our clean-up kills and an advantage in our next engagement.

While wave-frame grenade launchers require a specific playstyle to be effective, they can be quite the powerhouse in PVP. Dedicating a small amount of time to learning the weapon can provide massive amounts of improvement in your PVP experiences. However, it performs better in larger player count activities, like 6v6 playlists.

How to Get the Undercurrent in Destiny 2

Undercurrent can be obtained from the Nightfall playlist. You can get it on certain weeks in a rotation, and higher-difficulty Nightfalls have a higher drop chance. Undercurrent (Adept) can only be earned by completing Grandmaster Nightfalls when it is the weekly reward. Once the weapon has been earned, you can focus it at Commander Zavala for Vanguard Engrams, Glimmer, and Legendary Shards. The Adept version can only be focused on the weeks it is the weekly Grandmaster reward and only with 10 Nightfall Ciphers.

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