Destiny 2 Warden’s Law PvE & PvP God Roll and How to Get

Learn the Destiny 2 Warden’s Law hand cannon god roll for PvE and PvP content, the best perks, and how to get it!

Destiny 2 Warden's Law
Destiny 2 Warden’s Law Hand Cannon

The Warden’s Law is a Heavy Burst Frame Kinetic Hand Cannon reintroduced in Season of the Witch that can be obtained from the Nightfall playlist. Warden’s Law is the very first of its kind, firing a two-round burst rather than a single shot.

It can only be obtained from the Nightfall Playlist and its Adept version only from the difficult Grandmaster setting. The Warden’s Law shines in PvE content, especially on the Hunter when using Lucky Pants exotic. It gets mixed results in PvP, owing a lot to preference and its inconsistent nature considering its burst fire.

Warden’s Law PvE God Roll

Our best perks choices for the Warden’s Law PvE God Roll are:

BarrelHammer-Forged Rifling
MagazineAppended Mag
Column 3 TraitEnlightened Action
Column 4 TraitFrenzy

First of all, looking at our Barrel Perks, plug in anything that improves Range or Stability. Honestly, anything will do, but Smallbore helps both. After that, the best choice for our magazine perk is Appended Mag to put more rounds down range before needing to reload. Tactical Mag will also work.

In Destiny 2 Warden’s Law hand cannon has a lot of decent options for the main two perks. The best in Column 3 for most content is probably Enlightened Action to get that nice increase in Handling and Reload Speed. Discord and Fourth Times the Charm are also decent options. For most content, Frenzy is going to be the best option for Column 4. Vorpal Weapon has uses with Lucky Pants so that also works.

Use this weapon when hand cannons are capable of stunning champions, especially if you are a Hunter using the Lucky Pants Exotic. It will melt through champions while also keeping them stunned. All better if you have the Adept version and can slot the Adept Big One’s Spec mod.

Warden’s Law PvP God Roll

Our best perks choices for the Warden’s Law PvP God Roll are:

BarrelFull Bore
MagazineAccurized Rounds
Column 3 TraitMoving Target
Column 4 TraitZen Moment

In PvP, the perks on this weapon are much more straightforward. It’s all about the Range for the Barrel, Magazine, and Masterwork. That leaves a few options for the barrel, but only Accurized Rounds for the magazine slot. With the right combination and an Adept Range mod, you can give this weapon 100 Range.

This weapon feels inconsistent. That means our main perks are all about helping feel better to use. Moving Target and Zen Moment will just make this weapon feel better overall by giving us more Aim Assistance and a general boost to flinch resistance. You could opt for Rampage or Kill Clip instead of Zen Moment to get a better TTK value, but you would sacrifice the consistency.

This weapon, while unique and interesting, probably just isn’t the best in PvP. You can do well with it, but the question then becomes “How much better would I be doing with something else?” You would probably just be better off using another Hand Cannon, Pulse Rifle, or Crimson.

How to Get the Warden’s Law in Destiny 2

Warden’s Law can be obtained from the Nightfall playlist. You can get it on certain weeks in a rotation, and higher-difficulty Nightfalls have a higher drop chance. Warden’s Law (Adept) can only be earned by completing Grandmaster Nightfalls when it is the weekly reward. Once the weapon has been earned, you can focus it at Commander Zavala for Vanguard Engrams, Glimmer, and Legendary Shards. The Adept version can only be focused on the weeks it is the weekly Grandmaster reward and only with 10 Nightfall Ciphers.

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