Destiny 2 Weapon Perk Changes for Season 22

Bungie recently released a Developer Insights article discussing the Destiny 2 Weapon Perk Changes for Season 22. With some buffs, nerfs, and some adjustments, this is sure to shake things up.

Destiny 2 The Manticore Exotic SMG
Destiny 2 The Manticore Exotic SMG

Weapon Perk Changes in Season 22

Below is a list of all the changes announced to weapon perks in Destiny 2, on the launch of Season 22.

Bipod Perk Change

Bipod launched in a subpar state giving a massive damage disadvantage for its perk. Bungie is reduced its drawback to allow it to be more in the limelight.

  • Reduced the damage penalty from 40% to 25%.

Envious Assassin Perk Change

Launching as a powerful perk, Envious Assassin, required some extra attention to use it optimally. Now it will be easier to use without requiring to juggle the perk while in combat.

  • There is no longer a time limit after kills within which you must activate the perk or get another kill.
  • The perk will now activate even if the magazine is overflowed. (It will stop activating once you hit maximum magazine size of 2.5x or greater.)
  • Enhanced Envious Assassin now provides fractionally more ammo per kill, instead of a longer window of time after a kill.

Under-Over Perk Change

Under-Over was released as a overall weaker perk option but now it will have more benefits giving it a little more priority depending on enemy types you are facing.

  • Now provides bonus body shot damage against players with Woven Mail.
  • Increased the bonus damage against combatant shields.
  • Deals significantly increased damage to enemies who are enhanced by Dark Cabal overshields in addition to enemies shielded by Lucent Moths.

Under Pressure Perk Change

A fantastic perk on fusion rifle, Under Pressure, is a little too powerful, so Bungie is now reducing the effectiveness by taking its accuracy down a bit.

  • Reduced the maximum accuracy cone scalar from 0.5 to 0.75.
Under Pressure Perk Change
Under Pressure Perk Change

Shoot to Loot Perk Change

A great end game perk, Shoot to Loot, is getting extra functionality and some fixes allowing its usage to be even more viable.

  • No longer triggers the reload when shooting a Special brick that could not be picked up while also having an overflowed weapon equipped.
  • Explosive damage now interacts with Orbs of Power.

Valiant Charge Perk Change

Just a small fix to Valiant Charge being able to be used outside of its intended timer.

  • Perk now deactivates after the initial Sword swing.

Ambush Perk Change

Ambush is getting a fix to keep it from deactivating prematurely.

  • No longer deactivates from healing, fall damage, or being shot by allies.

Explosive Light Perk Change

A small hit to Explosive Light which allowed it to gain extra charges faster if you had the enhanced version.

  • Fixed a bug where the enhanced version of the perk was granting two stacks on the initial Orb pickup.

Chill Clip Perk Change

Sizable nerf to the effectiveness of Chill Clip, reducing its slow stacks and its interaction with Wolfpack Rounds getting removed.

  • Reduced the slow stacks from 60 to 40.
  • Wolfpack Rounds no longer trigger this perk.

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