Dragonstar Arena Stage Two Frozen Ring Guide

Welcome to the Dragonstar Arena Stage Two Frozen Ring Guide.  In Stage Two you face off in a freezing cold arena fighting the Sovngarde Nords.

Stage Two Video here

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Enemies and Mechanics

Stage Two Frozen Ring Campfire and Torch Picture Elder Scrolls Online

Upon entering the arena, you’ll notice three mounds with fire coming out of the center.  These are your ideal locations to stand during the fight as outside of the fire, you suffer massive cold damage and can die very fast.  The tricky part is navigating all of the red circle of death while in a tight arena.  Plan on bringing massive area (AoE) damage and healing because this fight is about surviving waves of mobs.

Lighting Torches [Veteran Only] – The only differing mechanic between the two modes is relighting the torches.  The timer starts at the end of round two, and you’ll have roughly 60 seconds before the fire runs out.  Ideally, assign one DPS to run torches while a healer or tank watches the time.  Do this for the next couple of rounds with one change during the boss round; reduced timer by 15 seconds.  Now you’ll only have around 45 seconds in between torch lighting.

Ideally, you can see the torch start to dwindle which is your visual key it’s time to get ready.  If you don’t have a timer, move over to one of the torches, grab it and wait for the fire to run out before lighting it.  With the torch in your hand, you maybe get 10 seconds without lighting it.  So expect to practice this if it’s your first time.

Elder Scrolls Online Addon MVTimer

Above is the helpful addon created by mihailogazda found on Minion which I highly recommend for this fight and many others within Dragonstar Arena (DSA).  It allows you to run an in-game timer which is vital for this and later rounds.

  • Ice Wraiths – 6,627 HP
    • A simple and small threat, Ice Wraiths aren’t too big of a challenge.  They will charge through with a big red rectangle, but you can easily block through this avoiding a lot of damage.
  • Sovngarde Brawler – 10,195 HP (Sword and Shield)
    • A basic tank mob that has some skills from Sword and Shield skill line.  With low health and very little damage, this guy can be nuked down right away.  Have the tank pick up melee targets while DPS worries about casters.
  • Bear – 17,843 HP
    • “A bag of hit points” which is what the Bear really is.  He does do a frontal cleave that can inflict some serious damage to the team.  When in doubt, the tank should grab the Bear and face him away from the group to avoid needed less damage.
  • Sovngarde Ranger – 10,195 HP (Bow)
    • The first major threat of the stage is the Ranger equipped with Volley from the Bow skill line.  This target can be stunned, pulled, or interrupted.  Make sure you assign someone to harass ranged targets as they can devastate your team with AoE damage.
  • Sovngarde Berserker 10,195 HP (Dual Wield)
    • A medium threat mob that has some Dual Wield abilities and damage via melee.  Another low priority melee target that needs to be picked up by the tank.
  • Sovngarde Icemage – 17,235 HP (Ice staff)
    • The Icemage poses a major threat with devastating ranged damage.  Treat this target like a bigger version of the Ranger and do the same thing, stun, damage, and interrupt.
  • Sovngarde Thundermaul – 10,195 (Two-Handed)
    • A big ol’ Two-Hander that should be picked up by the tank and pointed away from the group.  He’s a simple target and has the same mechanics from Stage One.  Bash and stun this guy and he won’t be much of a problem.
  • Sovngarde Slayer – 16,314 HP (Two-Handed)
    • Very similar to the Thundermaul with more HP and a little more damage.  Treat the same way, tank picks up and points away from the group while bashing his face off.
  • Troll –  20,392 HP
    • A decent threat with high health regeneration and hit points Trolls need to dealt with soon.  They do a circular red AoE damage ability which you should either interrupt or move out of the way.
  • Katti Ice-Turner – 55,060 HP (Icemage)
    • This boss spawns with Yavni in the final round of the Stage.  She’s your main priority as a massive damage dealer and major threat.  Best thing to do is have the tank taught here, and line of sight behind the corner of the your fire camp.  This way the mage comes close enough for melee range and keeps your DPS party members out of the fire.
    • If you have strong DPS, the goal here is to smash her straight through.  Additional mobs will appear at certain health intervals (appears to be 50% health).  Tank has a lot of enemies to pick up and the DPS will have to handle the Mage with constant interrupts.  DPS her down right away and the major threat will be dealt with then you can move on to the other boss, Yavni.
      • NOTE: Remember if you AoE them both, you might get multiple mobs spawns at the same time.  It’s best practice to single target one boss because you’ll have to do this multiple stages throughout DSA.
  • Yavni Frost-Skin 63,217 HP (Two-Hander)
    • My special friend Yavni who makes an appearance later in the arena.  He’s another Two-Hander and doesn’t have much more than higher HP and similar mechanics to the Thundermaul.  The tank should pick him up and stand away from the DPS group.  That way AoE damage won’t splash on him and you’ll keep his damage away from your squishy allies.  Make sure to wait until you have a full 45 seconds torch before you push him over the 50% threshold.  Clean up the adds first, then back on the boss for an easy kill.


Stage Two Frozen Ring Positioning


  • Round One – This is a simple introduction round with a few mobs and a Bannner-man at the end.  Round one spawns three waves of mobs so just keep up your attention and always have your guard up.  The fire will remain on for those on Veteran mode.
  • Round Two – Very similar to round one though the fire will run out at the end of the round.  Now you’ll have roughly 60 second time to keep track of the camp fire and relighting the torches.  Assign a DPS to grab the torches after the fire has been burning for around 50 seconds then light when it goes out.  Try to time this as best as possible so you get maximum DPS time.
  • Rounds Three and Four – I’m lumping these together as not much changes here. Same mobs just a little denser with the torch timer.
  • Boss Round – The best strategy for the boss that we’ve found, is attacking the Mage first while leaving the melee boss completely alone.  The major mechanic here is the adds spawn around 50% (not verified) for each boss.  So, if you AoE both to start, you’re bound to get overwhelmed by mobs.  Focus on single target max DPS finishing the Mage before the spawns get lose.  Then clean up the adds while the tank carries the boss away (remember AoE might trigger another spawn).  Rinse and repeat.
    • Additionally, you’ll have a reduced timer on torches so put your timer down to 45 seconds.  Other than that, tank and spank this boss to get into round three.

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