Enshrouded 10 Hidden Mechanics You Missed

This guide is for beginning Enshrouded players and explains 10 hidden and missed mechanics, combat, skills, and base building!

10 Hidden Mechanics You Missed in Enshrouded

10 Hidden Mechanics You Missed in Enshrouded – New Player Guide

Enshrouded blends classic RPG elements alongside survival and building.  This can be confusing based on your experience, thrown into the open world free to explore.  This guide aims to share hidden and secret mechanics you may have missed at the start of the game.

Here are ten essential tips and tricks when you start the new game in Enshrouded below:

  1. Tab Target: lock on to targets to help with range damage
  2. Rested Bonus: gain a passive boost to stamina
  3. Aura Skills: The best early skills you need to use
  4. Starter Base: start your base in Longkeep for the best access
  5. User Interface: change the base UI to extend your field of view
  6. Skill Points: you can earn skill points through levels and Elixir Wells
  7. Hidden Doors: most dungeons have hidden doors that are tough to see
  8. Lore Books: pick these items up and gain access to a new quest
  9. Respec: Use the Flame Altar to change your skill point selections
  10. Buried Treasure: destroy parts of the world to find new pieces of treasure

1 Tab Target

Targeting in Enshrouded

When it comes to range weapons, Enshrouded can be frustrating. Wands in particular have a good way of following enemies, but bows are a different story! One mechanic you may have missed in Enshrouded is that you can tab target enemies. This will “lock on” to the target and follow them around. Tab target is helpful if you’re trying to hit one enemy specifically and are having trouble aiming. To leave the tab target, hit the tab again and it will unlock the target.

You can also cycle through targets and choose different ones in fights with the R key. Additionally, you may want to aim manually when using a bow dexterity-based ranger build. The skill shot passive in the Ranger skill line gives additional damage with headshots. This may not be easy for some players, but it is an option for folks used to first-person shooters.

2 Rested Bonus

Rest Bonus in Enshrouded

You can earn a powerful rest bonus simply by building your base to include warmth and shelter. The rested bonus in Enshrouded gives you increased maximum stamina and stamina regeneration. The overall bonus is based on how comfortable your home is, including the duration. You can add to your comfort level by building various items such as furniture or trophies.

To receive the rested bonus, build a campfire, bed, and roof above your head. You can use stone and or wood to create roofing material. Place the roof over your best and anywhere you intend to sit and rest. A good option is a cooking fire which helps cook consumables and triggers the sit status. Make it a habit of resting upon returning to your home base and max the timer before setting out for a powerful bonus!

3 Aura Skills

Passive Skills in Enshrouded

Two specific skills passively do damage and healing for you, both Radiant Aura and Water Aura. Specifically, Water Aura is a powerful skill in the healer skill line that generates health for you (and your teammates in multiplayer). The bonus is based on your intelligence, if you have 7 or higher, you can receive over 30 health a second! This is helpful when playing early or late games as a cloth-wearing wizard or spellcaster.

The second best skill is Radiant Aura, which does damage passively rather than healing. This deals damage to fell foes you find in the shroud. You can destroy massive waves of enemies passively simply by taking this Wizard skill line skill and building for high intelligence. Then, go into shrouded areas and kill enemies at or around your level for fast leveling! Consider these two, along with a double jump from the survivor skill line some of the best in Enshrouded.

4 Best Home Base Location

Best Base Location Enshrouded

Upon exiting the Cinder Vault and completing the tutorial, you are free to roam and set up a home base in the open world of Enshrouded. Just north you will find an area called Longkeep. This is the best place to start a new base because it contains many items you need. Specifically, you use the well in the center to refill your water which is a helpful buff and used in crafting.

Additionally, the area surrounding Longkeep is rich in materials, mushrooms, plant fiber, honey, and more. The shrouded area can be helpful near here as well because specific material requires you to enter the shroud. This way, you can quickly exit the shrouded area once you obtain the needed material to improve your crafting. This is important to part of your beginning camp here, and it’s a mechanic you may have missed in Enshrouded as a beginner.

5 User Interface Setting

Change Field of View in Enshrouded

The default user interface in Enshrouded has your camera angle zoomed in and limits your line of sight. Hit the ESC key on the PC and locate the Display and Game sections of the menu. Here, you want to increase your Field of View and Camera Distance. This will give you a wider view and aid in locating incoming threats and enemies. Additionally, make sure Epic and above item deletion protection is turned on for a bonus Enshrouded 10 Hidden Mechanics You Missed. You wouldn’t want to accidentally delete a legendary staff!

6 Earning Skill Points

Enshrouded Elixir Well Explained
Elixir Well

You can early skill points by leveling up or by destroying Elixir Wells. These wells are marked on your map as purple diamond shapes and can be discovered through quests, lore books, or exploration. Ideally, you want to destroy each Elixir Well you encounter due to the skill points gained. Elixir Wells will be located in shrouded areas and will despawn the shroud. However, the Elixir Well will regenerate over time and reappear in the same spot, but will not reward a skill point for killing it a second time.

Skill points through leveling aren’t entirely clear as well. At level 10, my character had 36 skill points. At that time, I had only killed 3 or 4 Elixir Wells. Thus, expect certain levels to grant more than one skill point, but at least one. As you progress, the Elixir Wells may require more advanced gameplay having you climb down a cavern. Make sure to refresh your shroud time at the top via a beacon before venturing lower.

7 Hidden Doors

Finding Hidden Doors in Enshrouded

Throughout various dungeons, you will miss secret and hidden doors which are an intended mechanic in Enshrouded. The simplest way to locate a hidden door is the slight color variation in bricks or stone. This will have a small outline, which allows you to interact with the door and open it. Here, you will find hidden treasure and oftentimes some of the best in Enshrouded!

This mechanic is also similar to tombstones. While exploring dungeons, make sure you loot any grave or tombstone you encounter. The lid will be slightly tilted if already looted, while tombstones with hidden treasure will be sitting flush on top. As a beginner in Enshrouded, take extra time to explore these caverns and dungeons and discover hidden chests!

8 Lore Books

Finding Lore Books in Enshrouded

Locate Lore Books with a distinct reddish glow throughout the entirety of Enshrouded. As a beginner, these are critical to expand your quest log, and lore journal, and locate secret items on the map. Once you obtain a lore book, you will always have the information and not have to rediscover the materials again. Thus, take extra time to always find, locate, and read any lore book scattered throughout the world. The faint reddish glow is your key to seeing these scattered throughout the world and can often lead to hidden treasures in Enshrouded.

9 Respec Skills

How to Respec Skills in Enshrouded

To reset and respec your skills in Enshrouded, use runes at a flame altar. This will reset your skills, freeing you up to respec and try different skill loadouts and builds. Moreover, you can bring Flame Altars with you and use them not only to respec in the field but as fast travel points. This is helpful to get back to hard-to-reach locations.

Runes can be found by salvaging weapons or killing Shrouded Fell enemies. If you are running low, we suggest killing enemies in a shrouded area at or around your level.

10 Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure Enshrouded

The entire world of Enshrouded is a malleable piece of terrain meant to be explored and experimented with. While questing, you will receive various quests indicating to locate hidden and buried treasure within Enshrouded. These locations will be roughly marked on your map and will have an unmarked chest somewhere in the vicinity. Look for rubble or anything out of sorts in these areas for an idea of where to dig. However, sometimes you will just need to dig throughout the area to find this hidden chest.

Consider upgrading your gathering material, specifically the Pickaxe to help with this process. The digging process will go faster and easier to find these items. The mason skill within the center skill tree will also help with this digging and discovering. Lastly, keep explosive bombs with you and throw them to take out large chunks at a time.

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