Enshrouded Hotfix #3 Fixes Game Crash

If you’ve been having trouble launching the game in Early Access, check your Steam downloads as Enshrouded Hotfix #3 Fixes Game Crash.

Enshrouded Hotfix #3 Fixes Game Crash

Enshrouded Hotfix #3 Fixes Game Crash

With the full release of the game just over 24 hours ago, the developers of the survival, action-adventure game Enshrouded are already hard at work correcting technical issues players are having. Unfortunately, of the major issues you have encountered was the inability to launch the game. Obviously, this was something that needed to be address immediately and Keen Games has released Hotfix #3 to take care of exactly that issue.

Enshrouded Hotfix #3 also includes fixes for other Stability and Control issues:


  • Several crashes have been fixed.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the building menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused that the game wouldn’t start and show a message “Failed to initialize the graphics system” on older AMD graphics cards.
  • CPUs that do not support AVX should now be able to host sessions with more than 2 players.


  • Fixed an issue that on framerates above 60fps the mouse wheel could skip steps (mostly in the action bar and building menu).

Additionally, the developers recommend players check out their Known Issues thread on Steam to find out what other problems they are working on. Moreover, if there is something not yet listed or you would like to offer your opinions on balance or gameplay you can do so on their Feedback Forums.

Enshrouded Early Access Launch

The Early Access version of Enshrouded officially launched on Steam yesterday. Developer and publisher Keen Games is offering potential players a 10% discount off of the price. When the sale ends on January 31 the full price of the game will be $29.99. However, if you buy the game in the first week of release you’ll pay $26.99. If you’re interested in trying out Enshrouded and would like to help support the site, please consider using my affiliate link!

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