Enshrouded: How to Get Advanced Glider

Get and craft an advanced glider in Enshrouded to make exploration easier!

Get and craft an advanced Glider in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, the glider serves as a vital tool, allowing players to navigate and explore the enchanting landscapes of the game world. This guide will provide detailed instructions on obtaining the basic and advanced glider to make exploration much more fun and easier.

How to Get an Advanced Glider

You will need to awaken Carpenter, get the quest from him, and then craft Linien, which will unlock the recipe for an advanced glider.

Unlock The Basic Glider

Enshrouded - Workbench

You should get a glider as soon as possible when you craft your first workbench. Workbench is one of the base crafting items you can make from your character’s “crafting” tab menu. You only need three strings and eight wood logs. Strings are made from plant fiber, and wood logs can be gathered from trees. So, it’s accessible and available early on to make a workbench that will allow you to expand your crafting capabilities further. Each time you place a new crating table or furniture from craftspeople, check new recipes because there are many more fantastic items to make.

Once you place the workbench in your home base, look for a glider and craft it.

Find Carpenter and hunter Survivors

Craftspeople and Survivors Map in Enshrouded

All survivors, also called craftspeople, will help you expand on crafting possibilities and provide you with better gear. But first, you must unlock them by saving them from the ancient vaults.

Carpenter pod is in the east ancient vault, also in the middle of the shrouded area, so be aware of the harmful fog and time you have left when visiting it. Once you awaken him, use summoning staff to summon him and place him in your home base. Speak with him, and you will unlock new quests and recipes. Hunter is close. Head north to find her.

Get the hand spindle

Enshrouded - Get the hand spindle from Hunter quest

Hand Spindle is a furnishing and crafting table that you can earn for completing a “The Hunter’s Hand Spindle” quest. Hunter will give you this quest as soon as you unlock her and summon her to your home base. Set the quest as active and head to the old Hunter’s camp to find Hand Spindle. Then come back to the hunter, and you can finally place this crafting table in your base.

Get Flax Flowers and Craft Linnien

Enshrouded - Craft an advanced glider quest

Linnien can be crafted from 2 flax flowers. This plant is common and easily recognized by characteristic blue flowers similar to daisies in green areas of Ennshrouded. Collect at least eight flowers. You will need them later to craft an advanced glider anyway. When you craft linen carpenter’s new quest will pop up: “Craft an advanced glider”

Get and craft an advanced Glider in Enshrouded

From Carpenter’s menu, you will be able to craft an Advanced Glider. You will need:

  • Shroud Wood: Cut trees in shrouded areas to get it
  • Linien: Crafted in hand spindle from two flax flowers (blue flower bushes)
  • String: Crafted in-character menu from plant fiber
  • Shroud Sack: A rare resource that can be found in spores in shroud areas.

Craft the advanced glider using above resources and enjoy exploring Enshrouded landscapes!

How to Use Glider

You can easily jump from high towers of ruins and ancient buildings and fly above an enchanting fantasy world without suffering fall damage. However, using a glider will drain your stamina, and if it reaches 0 before you touch the ground, your character will fall. Advanced glider uses less stamina per second, so you should upgrade it as soon as possible. You can also extend your stamina with various potions and well-rested buffs.

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