Enshrouded: How to Respec (Reset) Your Skills

It’s straightforward to respec and reset your skills in Enshrouded. Learn what you need and how much it costs.

Skill Trees Maps in Enshrouded

How to Respec (Reset) Your Skills in Enshrouded

You can respec your skills in Enshrouded on Flame Altar using runes.

When you reset them, you will be able to spend all your skill points again. Whether you want to test a new build or spend points in the wrong tree by accident, you can respec your skill points as soon as you craft your first flame altar. Flame altar is your first quest, and it costs only five stones. It serves as your home base, allowing protection from the Shroud (deadly fog). It also defines the borders for the area where you can build your base. Your base and Flame Altar are essential in crafting, progression, story, and overall character development.

Enshrouded - Runes

Once you have crafted the flame altar, interact with it and choose “reset skill points.” It costs only ten runes to respec your character in Enshrouded.

First, some shrouded enemies can sometimes randomly drop 1-3 runes. However, the best way to obtain them is through salvaging higher-quality weapons. When you salvage blue and above that quality weapons, you will get a few runes each time. You will find many high-quality weapons in chests and ruins. They can be found almost everywhere in the area. The higher quality gear, the more runners you will get.

Enshrouded - Salvaginng Weaponns

However, remember that the game is currently in early access until the official Enshrouded release and some of the information may change as the game receives patches regularly. We will keep this guide updated with future patches and development processes.

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