Enshrouded: The Most Overpowered Arrow You’re Not Using

Discover the astonishing power of the Shroud Arrow, the most overpowered Enshrouded arrow you’re not using, and how to get it!

Enshrouded The Most Overpowered Arrow You're Not Using

The Shroud Arrow is the most potent arrow available for all levels of content in Enshrouded. It can deal solid single-target damage and spawns a Shroud cloud at its impact location. This cloud deals ticking area-of-effect damage to enemies unfortunate enough to be caught inside. Many people tend to bypass this arrow on their journey as the alternative explosive arrows seem more powerful. This guide explains everything you need to know about the Shroud arrow and how to incorporate it into any build with a bow.

The Most Overpowered Arrow You’re Not Using in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Shroud Arrows

In Enshrouded, the Shroud Arrow is overpowered because of its capabilities combined with the Shell Shock ability:

  • Shroud Arrow: Deals damage to single targets and summons a cloud that deals area-of-effect harm
  • Shell Shock: Infuse your ranged explosives with mana. They now stun enemies for up to 1 second.

When you use these two attributes in conjunction, they can stun enemies with a direct hit and from the tick they take while in the Shroud cloud. This allows you to stun-lock enemies, keeping them continually stunned as they remain inside the cloud.

Enshrouded Shell Shock Skill

Why is the Shroud Arrow Overpowered in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, what makes the Shroud Arrow overpowered is because of its ability to chain stun enemies, area of effect damage, and relatively cheaper cost than other arrows. This allows its utility to be incomparable to any other arrow while maintaining high damage output and useability.

Enshrouded Shroud Arrows Area Damage

Shroud Arrows don’t just deal damage to the target they hit but the cloud that spawns causes any enemies inside to take damage. This allows Shroud Arrow huge damage potential not just from the base damage but the damage over time as well. Allowing you to whittle down large enemies’ health bars over time and from relative safety. Additionally, Shroud Arrows provide fantastic multi-enemy damage by dealing area-of-effect damage to anything caught within the cloud.

How to Use the Shroud Arrow

The overpowered Shroud Arrows in Enshrouded are pretty simple to understand, they function similarly to other arrows as in, aiming them and hitting a target will deal damage. However, they have a second damage source by creating a poisonous Shroud Cloud at their point of impact. This Shroud Cloud damages any enemies caught inside until it dissipates.

Stun Locking

Enshrouded Shell Shock Stun

In Enshrouded, one of the biggest advantages of the overpowered Shroud Arrows with Shell Shock is their ability to stun-lock enemies. After stunning enemies, you’ll notice they will adopt a hunched-over position and have a white swirling line above their heads. While this is active enemies are unable to move, attack, or defend themselves. As long as enemies remain inside of the cloud, they will remain in this state.

Eliminating Stun-Locked Enemies

Enshrouded Shroud Arrow Melee Swap

You can eliminate enemies caught inside and stunned by continuing to use the same arrows for damage or switch to others if you wish. Also, you can swap entire attack styles you can choose to finish them off. For example, switching to melee damage will allow for an additional area of effect damage with your melee weapon and have high burst damage. If they are high-health enemies or above your current level, make sure to shoot additional follow-up arrows to keep them stunned while you finish them off.

How to Get Shroud Arrow

Enshrouded Shroud Arrow recipe tooltip

The overpowered Shroud Arrows in Enshrouded not only have great damage potential but they are relatively cheap to craft. You will need to unlock the Hunter Craftsperson before crafting them and they require a few materials:

  • 10x Twigs
  • 1x Goo
  • 1x Shroud Sack

Shroud Sack and Goo may be the more exotic materials you need, however, they are easy to make and abundant as you venture in late-game regions searching for other materials.

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