Enshrouded: When is the Next Update?

It’s been almost two months since the last content patch, and early access players are wondering when is the next Enshrouded update?

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Back in March, the developers at Keen Games posted an Early Access Roadmap for 2024. It listed a lot of features and changes that had been requested by the community, along with some new content already planned by the developers. Shortly after, the first new content update to the game was released. Now, a month and a half later, players are wondering when they might see the next update for Enshrouded.

Enshrouded Next Update Release Date

The developers of Keen Games sent a message on X that the next update won’t be this month (May), but they are hoping for the next one in June. Therefore, we can reasonably assume June or July will be the next major update for Enshrouded Survival RPG. Not giving a specific date is not unusual, especially for a game in Early Access. Early access is not a fully released game, and there is much content that has not yet been released to the players. Additionally, some of that future content has been planned for. At the same time, other pieces or mechanics may change entirely based on player feedback.

Nothing is set in stone in early access, which also applies to new content updates and hotfixes. With Enshrouded, it’s best to keep an eye on their Latest News page or the official X/Twitter page of Keen Games for the latest information.

Enshrouded Next Update Content

Enshrouded Patch _3 - New Dungeon Hollow Halls - unlocking necromancer survivor

In a recent Ask Me Anything segment on Reddit, some of the developers at Keen Games answered player questions and gave insight into future content for the game. Community Managers Toast and Cub joined Creative Director Antony Christoulakis and Producer Simon Kranz.

Here are the major highlights from the AMA about what to expect in the next Enshrouded update:

  • Strong suggestion of a possible new weapon type in the next major update
  • Plans for a smaller sub-biome with the second major update.
  • This sub-biome will add more variety and new content to an already existing biome

According to Producer Simon Kranz, the next update may also include some changes to the “world versus personal progression” issue. He remarks that the developers were surprised at how requested this change was, but are now adapting their approach.

Long-Range Content Plans for Enshrouded

Additionally, if combat and gear balance are your primary interest, the developers have promised that they are working on improvements. Melee combat was mentioned in the AMA as already having changes in the pipeline. Overall, modifications to class and skill balance are being made. However, some of these changes are still experimental, and dramatic combat changes are not likely to be seen in the next update patch.

Highlights of other future planned content that is not coming with the next major Enshrouded update:

  • First full map expansion
  • The level cap will rise, and the skill tree will expand
  • Faster method to plant and harvest large amounts of crops
  • Steam Deck Certification

Possible post-launch, end-game content additions likely coming to Enshrouded:

  • World events
  • Instanced Dungeons
  • Gameplay Settings for Servers
  • Adding more Biomes / expanding the game world
  • Base sharing / user-generated content

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