Enshrouded: Where to Find Fell Commander Bow – Legendary Weapon

Learn where to find this epic legendary weapon – the Fell Commander bow in Enshrouded!

Fell Commander Legendary Bow in Enshrouded is a unique, hard-to-get weapon best suited for range characters who primarily fight with the bow. The Ranger skill tree is a beast for investing skill points to make the most of this weapon. You need arrows to be able to use this weapon. In the game, you can craft or find various types of arrows in the chest or defeat enemies.

“A bow used by Commanders of the Northern Guard. A powerful energy flows through the user, increasing their pulse and allowing for faster shots.”

As with all legendary weapons, it has five upgrades to increase its power. The following list presents all bonuses and upgrade bonuses for Fell Commander Legendary Bow in Enshrouded:

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Power: 17
  • Weapon Type: Bow
  • Max Durability: 170
  • Draw Speed: 0.6
  • Arrow Speed: + 7%
  • Upgrades:
    • Vicius: Increase backstab damage by 20%
    • Precise: Increase critical hit chance by 5%
    • +3 Shroud Magic Damage
    • Mana Leech: On hit Leech 5% Damage as Mana
    • Brutal: Increase critical hit damage by 20%

Where to Find Fell Commander – Legendary Weapon

You can loot Fell Commander Legendary Bow from Thunderbrute boss, wandering around Elixir root, next to the ancient bridge. You must head to the bridge at the far north border of the map. Drop down to the Enshrouded area, find the boss, and kill them.

Enshrouded - Where to Find Fell Commander Bow - Legendary Weapon

Find the Ancient Bridge

Ancient Bridge is an impressive ruined example of what was lost over the ages in this fantasy world. It’s located to the north and surrounded by a shroud. When you approach it from the south, you will easily spot a Shroud Root underneath the bridge that you can destroy and earn a few skill points.

The Thunderbrute boss that holds Fell Commander Legendary bow wanders in the shroud next to the root.

Find Thunderbrute Boss

You will need an upgraded flame altar to safely survive the shroud long enough to defeat the boss and get the weapon. Drop down to the shrouded area, but look out for red lava rivers and ensure you land on blue land instead. Look around after you land close to the red lava and shroud root. You should easily find a wooden gate with oil caldrons on top of it. Pass underneath it. The boss should be somewhere in the area.

Defeat The Boos and get Fell Commander Legendary Bow

When you find the Fell Thunderbrute boss, he will be surrounded by other lesser-shroud enemies. Focus on additional shroud mutants first while avoiding being hit by the boss. Once all shrouded creatures are defeated, focus on the Thunderbrute.

Each time before the boss attacks, they will make a growling sound first. So dodge, jump, or run when you hear it. Try to dodge to avoid their attack, and immediately get behind the boss to deal backstab damage. Thynderbrutes are vulnerable to attacks from behind, and you have a few seconds between his attacks to strike.

Once the boss is killed, loot his body to get Fell Commander Legendary Bow. They will also have some runes and the Thunderbrute head. All items will be useful later for crafting. Lastly, don’t forget to destroy the Elixir root with your axe and get skill points. Loot the area because, in the fog, there are many resources and valuable loot.

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