Enshrouded: Where to Find Jezmina’s Apotheosis & Vukah Head

Discover where to find the epic legendary Jezmina’s Apotheosis weapon and how to defeat Vukah Brawler to get its head in Enshrouded!

Enshrouded Jezmina's Apotheosis legendary weapon

The Legendary Jezmina’s Apotheosis in Enshrouded is a unique, hard-to-get weapon best suited for Warriors or Tanks who use a shield in one head and need a decent weapon in the other to deal damage or increase their defenses. The Warrior, Tank, and Battlemage skill trees are a beast for investing skill points to make the most of this weapon. It deals additional Cutting and Fire damage. As a result, it will deal decent damage to the burning enemies over time.

“An axe which carves a path through enemies no matter what. Swinging it fearlessly makes it feel light as a feather.”

As with all legendary weapons, it has five upgrades to increase its power. The following list presents all bonuses and upgrade bonuses for Legendary Jezmina’s Apotheosis in Enshrouded:

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Base Power: 34 Damage
  • Weapon Type: Axe
  • Upgrades:
    • +6 Cutting Damage
    • +6 Fire Magic Damage
    • +6 Fire Magic Damage
    • Brutal: Increases critical hit damage by 20%
    • Mana Leech: On Hit Leech 5% Damagae as Mana

By acquiring Jezmina’s Apotheosis, you will also get a Vukah Brawler head, which is required to strengthen your flame altar. Therefore, in this guide, we focus on how to find and get both of those valuable items.

Where to Find Legendary Jezmina’s Apotheosis

Vukah Brawler, the boss enemy in Southern Cavern east of Pillars of Creation, holds Jezmina’s Apotheosis. To get this legendary axe, you must kill Vukah Brawler, and you will also get its head.

Enshrouded - Where to Find Jezmina's Apotheosis and Vukah Head

Find Vukah Brawler to get its head and Jezmina’s Apotheosis

It’s a cavern in the desert area accessible only through pillars of creation, located west of your starting home base. The Vukah Brawler boss with Jezmina’s Apotheosis is in the vast pit west of the pillars of creation. To access it and Kindlewastes deserts and savannas, you must strengthen your flame to at least level 4 to pass through the shroud covering pillars of creation.

Enshrouded - Where to Find Southern Cavern with Jezmina's Apotheosis & Vukah Head

Once you leave the pillars of creation passage, you will arrive at Vukah village. There are resembling gorilla hostile creatures living between rocky formations that give them shade from the intense desert sun. You must pass this village, avoid their traps in the ground, and defeat the guards to head directly south.

You will notice a giant pit called Southern Cavern. You will need to glide down to reach Vukah Brawler cave and get both Vukah Brawler head and Jezmina’s Apotheosis Legendary Axe in Enshrouded.

Defeat Vukah Brawler

How to find and defeat Vukah Brawler to get its head in Enshrouded

Vukah brawler is a huge creature resembling a gorilla living in a cave lightened by blue luminescent mushrooms and shroud metal. Watch out for the boss’ fists and heavy attacks. It also performs a leap attack and jumps at you from far distances, smashing the ground around. If you get caught, you will lose a lot of health. When he tackles inside himself, the boss is resistant to damage.

The creature is a melee fighter with massive damage; even with high-level armor and protection, it’s best to dodge it. Depending on your build, use a bow, wand, or staff to defeat it from mid-range. Don’t go too far because you may trigger its leap attack. Circle around to avoid his smashes and try to hit it from behind to get the backstab damage bonus. Avoid his attack, and you should be able to easily defeat the creature.

The Jezmina’s Apotheosis weapon drop is not guaranteed, but you have a high chance of squaring it and a guaranteed drop of Vukah Brawler’s head once you defeat this giant monster. If you don’t get it, you may need to leave the area, wait for the boss to respawn, and try to obtain this legendary axe again.

Where Else You Can Find Vukah Head and Jezmina’s Apotheosis

Enshrouded - Southern Cavern where you can find Vukah Brawler Head

Southern Cavern, east of Pillars of Creation, is not the only place to find Vukah Head and Jezmina’s Apotheosis. You have a chance to get it from every Vukah Brawler boss creature in the Kindlewastes region. The boss near Pillars of Creation is the easiest to find early in the game.

You can find other Vukah Brawlers in bigger Vukah villages, with a wide, open area scattered around deserts and savannas of the east side of the Enshrouded map. Keep trying, and you will eventually get Jezmina’s Apotheosis Legendary Weapon.

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