Enshrouded: Where to Find Scorching Wand – Legendary Weapon

Discover where to find this epic legendary weapon – the Scorching Wand in Enshrouded!

Enshrouded - Scorching Wand - Legendary Weapon

The Legendary Scorching Wand in Enshrouded is a unique, hard-to-get weapon best suited for wizards or battlemages who fight with a shield and wand combination. The Wizard, Trickster, and Battlemage skill trees are a beast for investing skill points to make the most of this weapon. It deals Flame damage. One of the main advantages of wands is that they don’t require you to craft charges like in the case of staff. While they don’t deal as much damage as staff channels, you can equip them with a shield, providing additional support and survivability. So if you play as a mage, it’s a good idea to carry with you a staff for huge damage and a wand with a shield as a second set of weapons for protection and lower-level enemies.

As with all legendary weapons, it has five upgrades to increase its power. The following list presents all bonuses and upgrade bonuses for Legendary Scorching Wand in Enshrouded:

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Base Power: 37 Fire Damage
  • Weapon Type: Wand
  • Mana Regeneration: +2
  • Durability: 250
  • Overcharge: 11%
  • Attack Speed: 0.6s
  • Upgrades:
    • +2 Fire Magic Damage
    • +10 Ice Magic Protection
    • +7 Fire Magic Damage
    • Mana Leech: On hit Leech 5% Damage as Mana
    • Mana Leech: On hit Leech 5% Damage as Mana

Where to Find Legendary Scorching Wand

Scorching Wand is hidden in a chest inside the City’s Ruins in Kindlewastes region, in the Southeast corner of the Enshrouded map and directly east of the starting base.

Where to Find Legendary Scorching Wand in Enshrouded

Find The City Ruins

Finding the Legendary Scorching Wand can be challenging. It’s in the chest on the top of the building, with many barrels surrounding it. Check the above map for reference. When you get to the city’s ruins, look for stairs or ladders and any way to get to the top of one of the buildings. From higher ground, you should easily spot the flat wooden floor, wooden mill construction, and barrels. The chest with the Scorching Wand will glow gold aura.

Chest with Scorching Wand

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