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ESO Additional Mara’s Balm Changes

In surprise news, ZOS revealed in a forum post today that they are working on Additional Mara’s Balm Changes!

When the Lost Depths DLC and Update 35 dropped a couple of weeks ago it brought along with it a powerful PvP set called Mara’s Balm. This set provides a lot of healing and many PvP players have switched to it as the new meta. The result in Cyrodill and other PvP zones are battles filled with tanky, hard to kill players, with cleanses and passive healing flying everywhere.

There has been a lot of discussion about this set among the player base, and ZOS has already dropped one modification/nerf to the set the week of Sept 5th. It’s generally agreed that the set is still too strong, however, and players hoping to see ZOS to more to address the issue will likely be happy to see that ZOS is still investigating additional Mara’s Balm changes.

The following is the direct text from Gina’s post on the ESO forums as of Friday, September 9th. No ETA on when this future change might actually hit the game, but hopefully it will be in an incremental patch rather than a wait for Update 36! If you’d like to check out the full thread and her comments, click here.

Hey everyone,

We wanted to thank you all for taking the time to provide so much feedback on this item set – both during the most recent PTS cycle and onwards since launch – and wanted to give you some insight into a few additional adjustments we’re planning to make for Mara’s Balm now that we’ve had a chance to do some further investigation with this item set in a Live environment.

First, we are going to add a one second cooldown, as many of you have discussed, in addition to having it trigger a larger heal when the cleanse occurs. We’re also going to increase the healing a bit from where it currently is. The goal of the set is to offer a steady stream of healing for when your character is having many negative effects applied to them, so the cooldown will still benefit from frequent incoming and outgoing effects, but now with a more consistent and predictable limit to effective healing at any given moment.

We’re still working out when we can publish this adjustment (in a future incremental versus in Update 36) but we’ll keep you posted.


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