ESO Blackwood Guides

ESO Blackwood Chapter Guides

ESO Blackwood Chapter Guides

Welcome to a consolidated list of ESO Blackwood Chapter Guides.  Below you will find guides on all the new things coming to Blackwood Chapter like new gear sets, companions, skill changes, endeavors, Oblivion Portals and more!  If you want the latest ESO Blackwood Guides, watch these videos below.


Mythic Leads

Here are the latest Mythic and leads for the Antiquity system in the Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Chapter.

Gaze of Sithis PvP Mythic in Blackwood Guide

This is a video guide on collecting and using the Gaze of Sithis mythic for the Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Chapter.  Deltia will break down how to get this, tips for using and important information to share!

Blackwood Chapter Day One Guide

This video gives details on what to do when ESO Blackwood Chapter launches June 1st on PC and June 8th on consoles.

Blackwood Changes Overview

This video covers an overview of Blackwood chapter like important gear, skill, champion point changes and new features coming to ESO.
We break down some of the huge changes coming to the ESO with the Blackwood Chapter launch in June of 2021.

Companions Guide

This video will break down various details and information about the ESO companions system, so you’ll have a basic understanding when this launches.
Starting with: Finding Companions, Interactions and Interface, Companion Skills, Appearance and Customization, Companion Gear,  Progression, Perks and Incentives

Oblivion Portals Guide

This video is for you as we talk through the important aspects of Oblivion Portals preparing you for June Blackwood Chapter launch!

Endeavors System Guide

The Endeavors system will bring a brand new currency called “Seals of Endeavors“. You’ll be able to redeem this currency within the crown store, earning items rather than buying them. This video explains the new system and how to optimize your play time to get the most out your daily and weekly rewards.

Proc Set Changes

This video breaks down the purposed proc set changes coming to the Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Chapter in June.
We cover The State of PvP , Developer Post, Scaling Problem, Testing Setup ,  Magic Proc Results,  Stam Proc Results, Next Level Proc’s and the Solution.

ESO Blackwood Antiquity Leads:

Here are the latest Mythic and leads for the Antiquity system in the Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Chapter.


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