Champion Point Changes for The Waking Flames DLC

Introduction to Champion Point Changes for The Waking Flames DLC

ESO has added some sub-constellations for the Champion Point system that add 10 new slottable options in the Fitness tree! This guide highlights how these new champion point changes for the Waking Flames DLC will effect your builds. The ESO Waking Flames DLC is set to launch on August 23rd on PC and I will give you my opinion on these changes and what you might want to do when this launches.

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Changes to Fitness (Red)


Added three new sub constellations to this tree focusing on more core combat gameplay interaction, as well as focusing on more universal engagement for PvE encounters as the original nodes tend to have very limited diversity in that regard. Each of these constellations is filled with new slottable stars only.

Wind Chaser sub constellation

  • Sub constellation focused on movement speed and Sprinting.
  • 8 point minimum into Hasty in order to access this along with three new slottables.
  • This sub constellation has wide application in PvE, PvP and all around gameplay.
The New Sub Contellations for The Waking Flames DLC

Celerity: Increases Movement Speed by 2% per stage, 5 stages, 10 points per stage

  • At max 50 points you increase your movement speed by 10%, which is the same bonus you get from the Steed mundus stone. This is an all around amazing slottable and has applications not just for PvP, but also PvE, as movement speed is key in all elements of ESO.

Thrill of the Hunt: Whenever you kill an enemy you gain Major Expedition for 3 seconds per stage, 2 stages, 25 points per stage

  • Thrill of the hunt grants you major expedition for 6 seconds when you kill an enemy at maximum 50 points. I consider this a weak passive considering there are many forms of major expedition in and outside of most class skill sets and I couldn’t see using this over something like celerity which is always active.

Refreshing Stride: You gain 100 Health and Magicka Recovery per stage while sprinting, 5 stages, 10 points per stage

  • At maximum 50 points, this gives 500 health and magicka recovery making it a fantastic choice for something like a nightblade who relies on magicka cloak to get away in PvP, and could use this in combination with sprint and cloak for great escapability.

Survivor’s Spite sub constellation

  • Sub constellation focused on pushing back and fighting against the odds
  • 10 points minimum into mystic tenacity to be able to access the new slottables, three to choose from.
  • This feels like a PvP focused sub constellation with little application in PvE.
The New Sub Constellations for The Waking Flames DLC

Sustained by Suffering: Increases your Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery by 30 per stage while under the effects of a negative effect, 5 stages, 10 points per stage

  • At 50 points max, it gives us 150 sustain while under a negative effect. Essentially, this is a great choice for PvP,  and a good replacement for Rejuvenation as you’ll constantly be under a negative effect.

Pain’s Refuge: Reduces your damage taken by 1% per negative effect on you up to a maximum of 20%, 1 stage, 50 points

  • Another interesting PvP related slottable that reduces damage significantly from negative effects on you.  Great when facing something like a Dragonknight with poison, flame, or other damage over time effects. Additionally, this is a great option when fighting a large group, although, I wouldn’t consider slotting this in PvE.

Relentlessness: Gain Major Protection for 3 seconds after being Stunned or Feared, 1 stage, 50 points

  • This is a decent slottable to counter enemy ganking as you become much more durable after being stunned. However, with a 3 second up time, and now a re-worked revealing flare that gives major protection for slotting, I do not consider this useful.

Walking Fortress sub constellation

  • Sub constellation focused on Block and Damage Shields
  • 6 point minimum into nimble protector in order to access though it’s all the way on the end of the fitness constellations, so it could be difficult for lower champion point players.
  • This sub constellation is a total game changer for PvE tanks and I’m sure PvP as well and has me very excited after I tested it out!
The New Sub Constellations for The Waking Flames DLC

Bracing Anchor: Increases Block Mitigation by 4% per stage but lowers your movement speed by 16% at all stages, 5 stages, 10 points per stage

  • At a maximum of 50 points this gives 20% block mitigation and is an absolute game changer for PvE tanking. It is super noticeable when doing difficult Veteran Dungeons like Dread Cellar.  I also imagine back bar sword and shield or frost staff PvPers will enjoy this slottable as well!

Ward Master: Reduces your damage taken by 2% while blocking with a Damage Shield active, 5 stages, 10 points per stage

  • At 50 point maximum this gives you a 10% damage reduction with the caveat of requiring the effects of a shield WHILE blocking. With the need for both blocking and a shield being up I don’t see it being that useful unless you’re running sets that give you constant shields, or using something like Dragonknight Igneous Shield.

Soothing Shield: When you successfully block an attack, you have a 15% chance to restore 147 Health per stage, 5 stages, 10 points per stage

  • At maximum of 50 points, soothing rewards a 15% chance to restore 735 health during a successful block. This was used on Dread Cellar hard mode and I found it useful.  This could also be useful for folks doing trifecta dungeon achievements with 3 damage dealers and a healer.

Other Champion Point Changes for The Waking Flames DLC

Alongside new sub constellations there’s been some rebalancing with two slottables: Rejuvenation and Juggernaut.

Rejuvenation: Reduced the bonus to Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery per stage to 1.8, down from 3. The final recovery will be 90 rather than 150.

  • This change is a noticeable when playing on the PTS as a damage dealer, tank, healer you name it.  No it’s not earth shattering but you will feel a loss of sustain and I even dropped it on PvP characters and some PvE characters as well.

Juggernaut: Reduced the damage reduction bonus from this star to 1% per stage, down from 2%, to ensure its power is similar to other damage reduction sources in regard to its ease of access to keep up.

  • At maximum juggernaut is now giving 5% damage reduction rather than 10%, reason being this was adjusted (as the way I understand it) there were ways you could essentially trigger this crowd control immunity easily and be very hard to kill.


Ironclad: This Champion star makes its return as a slottable star, reducing damage taken from direct damage attacks by 2% per stage, 5 stages, 10 points per stage.

  • In the blue tree, an old school slottable returns and a powerful one at that:Ironclad. This can be accessed with 10 points into quick recovery via Staving Death sub constellation. It at a maximum, rewards 10% damage reduction for direct damage attacks and has wide application in PvE and PvP. I used this on my PvE tank and could feel a noticeable survivability increase alongside the Fitness Bracing Anchor slottable I’m real excited about the new CP slottables

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