Karthwolf Charger mount

ESO Free mount with Doritos and Rockstar!

Earn a free Karthwolf Charger mount with Doritos and Rockstar!

In the official ESO post, we can read about new promotions where you can earn ESO mount and much more prizes!

Until December 30 2022, you can get in ESO Free mount with Doritos and Rockstar*! If you grab either Doritos or Rockstar energy drink you can unlock one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the Karthwolf Charger mount, and more! There is a catch it’s for the new members only!

There is more! If you use your code from Doritos or Rockstar you will be enterned into the Sweepstakes for a chance to win some amazing gaming prizes. The prizes includes: Xbox Series S, Xbox Wireless Controllers, PC rigs, gaming chairs, and gear.

How to enter?

Scan the QR code on the back of your specially marked bag of Doritos or Rockstar Energy Drink (or visit doritosrockstarenergy.com) and enter your product’s code. You can choose from a host of in-game content for various games, including the Karthwolf Charger mount for The Elder Scrolls Online.

More Details?

For more details and rules visit the official Doritos and Rockstar Energy promotion website HERE.

Need Help?

Visit this support page or email your questions directly.

*Promotion is available in selected territories and markets only.

Source: Get an In-Game ESO Mount & More with Doritos and Rockstar Energy Drinks! – The Elder Scrolls Online