That spectacular time of year has come around once again: friends and foes alike come together, don the mask of the Harlequin, and commemorate all things absurd!

The Jester’s Festival officially kicks off March 31 at 10:00AM EDT, and continues causing chaos until April 7 at 10:00AM EDT! During this jovial romp, you can acquire buffs to XP gains and earn event-specific rewards by completing Jester’s Festival quests.

To join the festivities, head over to the jester pavilions found within the major cities of Ebonheart, Vulkhel Guard, and Daggerfall, and speak to one of three jesters who bear a striking resemblance to Jorunn the Skald-King, Queen Ayrenn, or High King Emeric. If you’re having trouble locating these sites of frivolity, you can get directions by navigating to the Crown Store and picking up the Jester’s Festival Invitation Quest.

The jesters of the Jester’s Festival!

After you’ve completed the introductory quest, you’re handsomely rewarded with a delectable Pie of Misrule memento that you can find by opening up the Tools section of your Collections. Upon use during the event period, this tasty treat provides a two-hour, 100% XP buff!


There are several daily quests for you to complete during the Jester’s Festival event, and each time you complete one you receive a Jester’s Festival Box for your good work. However, the first Jester’s Festival quest you complete each day instead grants you a Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box, awarding even more stupendous prizes.

All boxes can include the following items:

  • Festive Dazzlers
  • Cherry Blossom Confetti
  • Revelry Pies
  • Festive Furnishings
  • Jesters Festival Provisioning Recipes
  • “Stealies” that can be sold to vendors for Gold
  • NEW: Cadwell’s Surprise Box memento fragment

In addition to the previously mentioned prizes, the Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box has the chance to contain the following goodies:

  • Jester’s Scintillator Runebox
  • Cherry Blossom Branch Runebox
  • Cadwell’s Kitchen Weapon Style Page
  • Joke Popper Fragments
  • Fragment for 2020’s Sovereign Sow Pet
  • NEW: Second Seed Style Outfit Style Pages
Cadwell’s Surprise Box memento

As part of this year’s celebration of mischief, we’re also adding a brand-new quest for you to enjoy, titled Getting the Band Together. You can acquire this quest from the mysterious Samuel Gourone, who you can find at every festival pavilion. Upon completion, you’ll earn an additional daily reward box!


Of course, the festival boxes aren’t the only goodies you can collect during this exuberant experience. Three Event Tickets are rewarded for the first Jester’s Festival quest completed each day. Participate in each day of the festivities, and you can earn up to 24 tickets before the end. But remember: You can hold up to 12 event tickets only, so if you earn more while already at the ticket cap, you’ll lose them!

Bring these Event Tickets to the Impresario event merchant, and you can trade them in for the following prizes:

  • All three Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet Fragments
    • Hallowed Hourglass
    • Illuminated Dragon Scroll
    • Kvatchian Incense
  • All Three Fragments for the Scales of Akatosh skin

    • Aureate Anointing Oils
    • Lustrous Ritual Sand
    • Sacred Scale
  • Bound Style Pages for the Second Seed Outfit Style

  • Cadwell’s Surprise Box memento fragments

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