ESO Master Weapon Guide

Master weapons are rare drops that Elder Scrolls Online added back in September of 2014.  I’m now starting to see these turn up and wanted to share how you can get them and implement them into your builds.  So let’s get started with our ESO Master Weapon Guide.



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11/28/2014 – Original Release


The best way to describe these jaw dropping weapons comes directly from developers.  In a post on September 4, 2014, ZOS describes them as the following:

Ability-altering enchantments are special weapon enchantments that players can find on weapons dropped as loot in the Dragonstar Arena or from the Serpent Trial on veteran mode. They can also be acquired as rewards from the Alliance War Leaderboards. Players who already have certain weapon abilities can use weapons with ability-altering enchantments to gain a special bonus on the following:

  • Grand Healing: This ability will be able to restore stamina to allies in the area.
  • Cleave: This ability will deal bonus damage on the initial hit.
  • Puncture: This ability will heal the caster.
  • Twin Slashes: This ability will deal additional bleed damage every tick.
  • Poison Arrow: This ability will increase weapon damage when attacking enemies affected by Poison Arrow.
  • Destructive Touch: This ability will deal more damage and cost less.

Now let’s talk about how they are dropping.  Currently, Dragonstar Arena (DSA) level 10 is the, Veteran Serpent Trials and PvP are only way to obtain these weapons.  On normal, DSA will award Veteran Rank (VR) level 13 staffs while the Veteran mode awards VR 14.

The traits are random though the Enchantment is what makes these weapons so special.  Normal weapons drop at blue quality and can be upgraded to legendary.  While the Veteran version start off on purple quality. One thing to note is that you remove the enchantment by placing another one on top of it.  I highly recommend not doing this, the Enchantment is what makes it special, not the actual weapon.

Speaking of special, each weapon has a unique look, sound, and appearance.  While some of these items aren’t the Best in Slot (BiS) meaning the absolute best item, they are amazing to witness.  Some might be trophy’s (like Inferno staff) some might be invaluable to your build (stamina build with Daggers) either way they are worth getting and here’s what you can expect from each.


Master Bow


Master's Dagger

Inferno Staff

Inferno Master Staff

Master Inferno Staff Equipped
Inferno staff equipped


Frost Staff

Ice Master Staff

Healing Staff

Master's Restoration Staff

Restoration staff equipped
Restoration staff equipped


Lighting Staff

Master Lighting Staff


Two Handed Sword

Master Greatsword




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