ESO Mirri Healer build

ESO Mirri Elendis Healer build 2023

Should you use this build?

Welcome to the ESO Mirri Elendis Healer build 2023! Companions, just like players come with class presets. Mirri is your typical Nightblade, which is useful for healing! Her Soul Thief class skill line has good self and group healing while dealing damage to the enemies. Pair this with outside skill lines from restoration staff and guilds skill trees and she’s absolutely great in healing you, the player. The ESO Mirri Elendis Healer build works, at some of the hardest content in the game and can work for you!

Mirri Elendis is a crafty Dark Elf with a knack for treasure hunting. She comes from a big family and has a very sarcastic sense of humour.

Mirri’s unique perk gives a 30% chance to provide additional loot called hidden compartments, from treasure Chests found through Treasure Maps and in the Overland. The treasure from these hidden compartments may contain additional gold, valuable items or recipes. A very helpful ability for your travels!

If you looking for a Mirri Elendis guide or quest, levelling and report information click HERE. More companion builds HERE, and a comprehensive companion guide and video HERE.

Pros Cons
  • Good extra ultimate skill damage and utility
  • Great for treasure hunting
  • Weak class survival skills

How to unlock Mirri and where do I find her? Mirri Elendis quest, “Shattered and Scattered”.

You can find Mirri’s quest in the Blackwood zone. You’ll find her easily next to the Doomvault Vulpinaz Wayshrine. Simply follow the road from the wayshrine to the Doomvault Vulpinaz ruins, she is arguing with an imperial soldier.

Mirri Elendis quest location

After you complete the quest you can find Mirri and all unlocked companions in your collections menu. Press the default key “U” on your keyboard or go to the collections tab, pick Allies from the list and then Companions.

ESO Companion Mirri
ESO Companion Mirri



Companions are similar to players and here are some areas of focus for you while working through optimizing your companion.

Obtain multiple gear sets: You’ll want flexible options once you hit the end game, even if you plan on leaving her as a healer. You can find gear by looting defeated enemies or in various chests and boxes, almost everywhere in the game. Or you can go to any town Armor and Fine Garments store and pick up companion gear, light, medium and heavy. I’d also go to woodworker and weapon smith and pick up sword and shield, and various staffs. Swap a gear or weapons and level skill lines, because you never know if you want to switch!

Combat Level: Start levelling up your companion. Companions level up similar to a player, by killing enemies and eventually reaching level 20 (currently max). So you can grind with your companion (grinding video click). The exception are guilds’ skill lines (Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, Undaunted), to level them up you need to complete guilds’ daily quests. You can find them in Grahtwood (map click), Stormhaven (map click), and Deshaan (map click).

Focus on Guild Skill Lines: You’ll want to prioritise completing the guide-specific daily quests in order to unlock the most powerful skills in the game.

Gear: Now start collecting pieces of gear to optimize your healer. Soothing is increasing companion healing done and Quickened is reducing companion skills’ cooldowns.

YouTube Guide on Companion Progression

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”LzTghj56sX8″ ]


Mirri Elendis Healer build


Companion abilities work on a cooldown system unlike players and often have 16 seconds before the skill can be used again. Thus, placing a skill on the first spot, vs the last has a great impact on its frequency

An example: Mirri has a Restoration Staff skill: Rejuvenation, by default, this ability last 8 seconds, with a 16-second cooldown. If you put it in the first spot on her skill bar, the companion will activate it first, and immediately when it comes off cooldown, giving you consistent healing over time. For the best results follow the skills listed here but also be knowledgeable about how it works. Now when you’ll make changes, you get the most out of the performance of the companion’s skills.

Rejuvenation icon
Blood Transfusion2 Mending Incantation3 Crimson Font4 Twilight Mantle5 Impeccable ShotUltimate

1. Rejuvenation (Skill line: Companion Restoration Staff) – Strong Heal over time for the companion and you.
2. Blood Transfusion (Skill line: Companion Soul Thief) – Good heal over time
3. Mending Incantation (Skill line: Companion Restoration Staff) –  The ability heals and grants an extra physical and spell resistance
4. Crimson Font (Skill line: Companion Undaunted) –  Heal over time for your companion and you. You can activate synergy and heal for 50% of your health.
5. Twilight Mantle (Skill line: Companion Living Shade) –  Mirri becomes invisible for 3 seconds, and heals for 25% of her max health.
Ultimate: Impeccable Shot (Skill line: Companion Deadly Assassin) – Good utility skill, Mirri marks an enemy causing them to take 20% more damage, also dealing strong damage.



All light armor gear pieces give the best possible healing potential. Restoration staff for healing skills and buffs. The best-in-slot trait for a companion healer is Quickened, reducing skills cooldowns. This way your companion will be able to cast heals more often. But we can also use soothing for extra healing or a mix of the two:

Quickened Soothing
Reduces ability cooldowns by 1.8% Increases healing done by 1.2%
Reduces ability cooldowns by 2.2% Increases healing done by 1.5%
Reduces ability cooldowns by 2.6% Increases healing done by 1.7%


Slot Weight Set Trait
Head Light Companion’s Hat Quickened
Shoulders Light Companion’s Epaulets Quickened
Chest Light Companion’s Jerkin Quickened
Legs Light Companion’s Breeches Quickened
Gloves Light Companion’s Gloves Quickened
Boots Light Companion’s Shoe Quickened
Belt Light Companion’s Sash Quickened
Weapon One Restoration Staff Companion’s Restoration Staff Quickened
Necklace Companion’s Necklace Quickened
Ring Companion’s Ring Quickened
Ring Companion’s Ring Quickened


Healer companion Tips and Tricks

Control: Just like commanding a pet, you’ll need to hit the default key “Y” and the left mouse to attack or the right mouse to return (no PC). Companions don’t know when to move out of bad AoE’s or mechanics. So you as the player must make this a priority.

Combat: Never command your healer companion to attack. You’ll want to start the combat first, while your companion will stay out of enemy range and heal you from the distance. Just like players, companions have multiple buffs and AoE healing. So stay close enough to your companion to receive those buffs, but don’t too close, so your companion will be safe behind you.

Companions Synergy: Companions can provide synergies but not use them. That’s why the undaunted skill lines are so vital to prioritise and use.

Provide shield and protection: Every class or combat style has some type of shield or damage reduction. Pick at least one extra shield or protection skill for your companion. This small bit of protection will help your companion survive.

Make companion your own! These tips can help you out but the end result is up to you. Experiment, try things outside of the box and meta ideas. You’ll be surprised at just how effective these things can be. Thanks for reading!