ESO Power Leveling in 2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve touched on power leveling in the Elder Scrolls Online.  Coming back to the game, I needed to level up two Wardens (one stamina and magicka based) and some, but not all of the processes have changed.  This is an update for folks looking to maximizes their characters performance in little time.  I do not recommend leveling/playing like this initially.  Enjoy the game, enjoy the quest, end game will be there.  But if you are leveling an additional character or disregard my message, this guide is for you.

Leveling Quickly

Hands down the fastest way to level is killing enemies in a rotation over and over (grinding).  This is not fun nor rewarding game-play but you can reach end-game in less than 5 hours.  While grinding, I noticed that “instanced” based grinds had been nerfed (reduced).  The most common of these being Skyreach in Craglorn (I have a previous video on it).  It’s not so much that the number of mobs have changed, their experience values modified but that your experience modifiers do not scale up in value (XP scroll, double XP events, etc).  Thus reverting us back to One Tamriel power leveling via open world locations.

I do not want to re-post about old grind spots as I have previous videos on them here.  The best thing I can tell you is that each zone has a specific spot with high spawning zombies (including DLC areas).  The goal is to find a spot where no one else is currently to maximize XP per hour.  After you find your prize location, now apply modifiers like XP potions/scrolls the largest of them being 150% though expensive (currently 35,000 on PC NA server).  You can also group with someone for another 10%.  Subscribing gives another 10% and if you are really in a hurry, using the Mara ceremony to marry another player, both equip a ring and bang another 10%.  Do all of these while on a double XP event for another 100% each of them stacking for insane XP.

Also make sure if you already have a crafter to craft training gear and upgrade the quality (wouldn’t go legendary).  A couple of go to sets are Vampires Kiss if you lack self healing due to your classes skill structure, Seducers for magicka based classes or Hunding’s Rage for stamina based classes.

Skill Points

The fastest way I’ve found to acquire a large amount of skill points quickly is through public dungeons.  Each zone (including Coldharbour) has a large public dungeon with multiple bosses.  One specific boss can be killed and instantly grant a skill point.  You can find these bosses names through your achievements in your journal.  I’d also suggest picking up the skyshard in each dungeon.  Within two hours, I was able to net 20 skill points.  This goes a long way to maxing out those important passives like armor and weapon skill lines.

  • Tip – join a large trading guild and use travel to player to navigate new zones quickly.

Another easy skill points is Cyrodiil starter quest.  Once you turn level 10, you can travel to Cyrodiil and complete a 15 minute quest that has you practice some siege shooting.  This will net you 2 skill points overall.  If you skip this, it cannot be undone so I recommend completing it.

With only so many skills that can be on your bar, truly focusing on skill point acquisition is a great way to increase your characters power early on.

Guild Progression

Once you fire up the game, smash that “skip tutorial button,” the first thing I recommend doing is grabbing the “guild quest.”  Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Undaunted.  Some of these skill lines can be retroactive but Fighters Guild cannot.  Mages Guild can be leveled by going around getting lore books (no way to speed this up as of yet).  Fighters Guild by killing undead which most likely will happen while leveling anyways.  Undaunted is the tricky one that can take awhile for some.

Undaunted has two important passives that add a lot of value to your character; Undaunted Command (resources on synergies) and Undaunted Mettle (max stats increase).  You can increase this through dungeon achievement and also there is a daily quest that can be accessed at level 45 or higher.  The simplest and quickest way to max this out within a few hours (yes it’s possible) is to get a solid team together and blow through Veteran Dungeons.  You want to do the hard modes if possible, no death, speed and kill all the bosses.  In update One Tamriel, the developers added more dungeons (Darkshade 1 and Darkshade 2) making what was once only a non-veteran dungeon now possible to do both.  Thus adding a ton of achievements making it possible to hit this quick!

If you don’t have a powerful team at the ready, I’d suggest just using the Group Finder and completing every dungeon on normal mode.  You’ll get a decent amount of Undaunted and also a lot of skill points via the quest turn ins.  There’s also an achievement for going to each zone and buying a drink for a specific undaunted member.  This gives you a large chunk as well.  However you do it, focus on leveling this up as you’ll need it for a fully optimize character at end game.

Alliance War

The easiest way I’ve found to quickly advance this skill line and unlock the skills is killing massive amounts of players while defending keeps or resources.  Not everyone likes PvP or feels comfortable doing this so there are other options.  A simple option for solo players looking to advance their skill lines, simply go into a delve inside Cyrodiil.  You can kill any of the bosses inside these areas and earn an extra Alliance Point buff that last one hour long (20% more).  With this buff activated, you should easily be able to flip resources solo by yourself (on a dead server) and earn decent AP and completely avoiding PvP if you despise it.


Believe or not,  one passive within crafting helps your characters performance and that’s Medicinal Use within Alchemy.  It enables options effects to last longer like magicka regeneration by 20% or immovability, etc.  If you’re looking to squeeze every bit of performance, level this up.  I have a separate video guide on this, but essentially gather waters, cheap regents no one wants and about 6 skill points.  Crank out about 50–75 potions at each level, add a skill point, change waters and continue.

Thanks for reading my article on ESO Power Leveling in 2017.  Please share this article if you liked it as it does help my website.  And leave a comment if I missed something and you have information to add!

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