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The biggest complaint I hear about PvP in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is that you have to spend 20 hours riding your horse to a battle only to die after five seconds of fighting. Well, lucky for you my little puggies (pick-up-group), I am going to teach you how not to be bad today (partially at least). Welcome to the Forward Camp (FCs) edition (well, mostly) of Party Pyro’s PvP Palooza in our ESO PvP Cyrodiil Travel guide!

Here's what it'll look like after you die and can respawn at a forward camp
Here’s what it’ll look like after you die and can respawn at a forward camp
Siege Merchant Forward Camp Vendor in Cyrodiil
This is the Siege Merchant Vendor screen (FC’s aren’t cheap)

What are FCs ? They are respawn (rez) points that allow dead Alliance members to transit to them from any location on the map. This means that if you’re dead, you can rez yourself at a FC and immediately move to that location and jump straight into the battle (see above picture). FCs cost Alliance Points (AP) and can be bought from any siege vender. FCs can be burned or sieged down by opposing Alliances so watch out. FCs also have a limited number of rezes and can be used up.

When talking about FCs you need to keep several things in mind…

  1. Where should I place it?
  • Concerning FC placement, you should always consider that your enemy will try to take them down whenever possible. Therefore, you should place it in the safest location possible. Low visibility from the battlefield and/or a high concentration of NPCs is the goal. Placing super close to the fight while keeping those factors in mind is what separates the legends from the pugs.
You place a FC by equipping it in your quick slots, just like a potion, then set it down
You place a FC by equipping it in your quick slots, just like a potion, then set it down
  • The perfect place for an FC is in a keep resource tower. This is out of range of most siege and safe from assault by foot as long as you hold the resource. The only trick is that there is only a very small area on the tower that is capable of setting up an FC. So you have to learn the “Camp Dance.” It can be difficult at first, but if you watch enough people do it, you’ll figure it out. You just have to sidestep and jig all over the top of the tower before you find that perfect spot. If you can’t get an FC up just contact a Camp Dance Expert in your group to give you a hand.
  1. When should I place it?
  • Time for some vocabulary, class!
    • Camp up (FC up): An FC has been placed. If you’re dead it’s time to rez up.
    • Camp down (FC down): Somebody needs to place an FC (That means you).
  • Camp timing can be critical to any assault or defense. You want to always have one up whenever you do not have the opportunity for free transit through the shrines.
  • Camps can also be used for mass transit into enemy territory. Have your entire group wipe on the enemy and then coordinate them to spawn at an FC placed at an assault point. This can spark a massive surprise attack to catch your opponents with their pants down. But we’ll talk more about this in a few weeks when we get to tactics.
  1. What about enemy FCs?
  • One of the most important and also most overlooked jobs in any Cyrodiil group is that of a Camp Suppression Team. This is a group of people who are tasked with finding and destroying enemy FCs. Without a FC the enemy can’t continue the fight. Though rarely given credit for a victory, a Camp Suppression Team is often the source of it.
  • You can take an enemy FC down with siege weaponry and also by walking up to it and hitting the [E] key (By default) to burn it. So if there are a lot of NPCs around, just siege it down.

A few more tips before we go…

  • Feed your horse apples.
    Ummm, apples for speed
    Ummm, apples for speed
    • Let’s face it… At some point you’ll have to get someplace outside of transit. So get yourself a fast horse so you can cut down on your time out of battle. You can feed your horse once a day (roughly every 20 hours) at one of the stables located around Tamriel. Apples increase speed… That’s the only one you need to know about. Technically speaking though… Increasing stamina can help you if you were getting ganked, but in my personal opinion not as effective as Apples.
    • For me: constant speed increase > longer sprinting capacity and more hits before you get knocked off.
    • If you brought your bag horse just go home.
  • Use Keep Transit
    • If you own a line of Keeps you can travel between them using the transit shrines. If there is no way to get to a FC, this will be your most efficient way to get to the battlefield. Free transit is good transit. It’s always better to use this than an FC because you’re not wasting AP.
  • Changes to FCs
    • Rumor has it some changes to FCs will be coming out soonish. So I might have to write another article if and when those changes roll out.

Well, we’ve come to the end once again. Thanks for checking in and reading up! See you next week.

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