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Hogwarts Legacy – Charles Rookwood’s Trial Quest

Welcome to our guide for Hogwarts Legacy – Charles Rookwood’s Trial Quest!

Hogwarts Legacy is a single player, action RPG based on the magical world of Harry Potter. With an endless amount of places to explore and magical spells to learn, there is always something to do and discover. Read on below to follow this Hogwarts Legacy quest!

Last updated May 1, 2023

Charles Rookwood’s Trial Quest

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Rookwood Castle

  • Meet Fig at Rookwood Castle
    • Use fast travel if you can, or use your broom/mount to get there
  • Speak with Professor Fig
  • Enter Rookwood Castle
    • You’ll need to find a way inside that isn’t through the front gate
    • As you follow the quest marker up to the castle you’ll find a camp with enemies to defeat
    • Continue on past the camp and around the castle, where more enemies will appear. Specifically one goblin enemy will appear on a standing platform.
    • Once the battle is over, look directly across the way from the standing platform. There is a stack of boxes up against the castle wall and one crate can be moved.
    • Pick it up with Wingardium Leviosa and move it just to the right – if you look up a bit you’ll see a ledge you could climb up to. Turn the box on it’s side so that it’s tall enough for you to reach the ledge above.
    • Once inside the castle, a cut scene will take a place

Rookwood Castle Courtyard

  • Rookwood Castle Courtyard
    • As you step into the courtyard, there will immediately be enemies to engage
    • After the fight, head down the courtyard left from the entrance and up the stairs
    • At the top of the stairs turn right, move down the battlements and turn right again
    • Inside, jump down on the wooden structure you see ahead and then down again to the interior floor below
    • In this interior room is a door sealed by ancient magic. In order to open it, you’ll need to hit three golden notes with Diffindo to unlock the seal. As you face the door, one node is to the left behind a wooden wall structure you’ll need to first blast away.
    • The other two nodes are to the right. One is immediately to the right of the door and a little ways up. The other is on the right directly across from where the node on the left was.
  • Find Charles Rookwood’s portrait
    • The path ahead is pretty straight forward. Follow it until you come to a room with the portrait above a cold fireplace. You likely can’t interact with it just yet – you’ll have to wait for Fig to catch up and stop speaking before you can speak to Rookwood
  • Connect with ancient magic
    • Follow the whisps of magic showing you the spot where ancient magic wells up. Interacting with it will open a door
    • Enter the Second Trial

Charles Rookwood’s Trial

First Portal Puzzle Room
  • First Portal Puzzle Room
    • Run forward into a room with stone pillars in the center, and turn to the right and go all the way up the stairs. At the very end will be another well of ancient magic to activate, which will create a familiar portal in between the stone pillars,
    • Go back down the stairs and through the portal from the blue side. Just to the right you will easily spot a short pillar. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on it and move it to the left, there is a ledge not too far away. Move the pillar up against it, then run back through the portal on the red side in order to make the pillar solid again
    • Climb up, and then you can grab onto a metal lattice to reach the top of the ledge.
Second Portal Puzzle Room
  • Second Portal Puzzle Room
    • The pathway into this room is a straight shot ahead. Don’t be bothered with the pathway starts to move underneath you.
    • When you get to the area with the currently inert stone doorway a well of ancient magic will pop up just to your right. Interact with it to open the portal.
    • Walk through the pillar. Right in front will be a large pillar blocking your way. Look up and to the right. You will see a metal medallion hanging on the wall. Hit this with a basic attack. This introduces a new mechanic, which turns the whole portal doorway completely around
    • Come around to the front of the portal. Don’t walk through it, but you can look through and see the moveable crate inside the pillar now. Cast Wingardium Leviosa and pull it towards you through the portal.
  • Hogwarts Legacy - Charles Rookwoods Trial puzzle room 2
    • The way is now unblocked. But before you go through the portal, step around and hit the medallion with a basic attack to turn the portal back around.
    • Now you can step straight through the portal and move down the open path
  • Trial Combat #1
    • You’ll come to a platform with one single large pensieve guardian on it, but as you move forward to engage it four small enemies will also appear.
    • Defeat all these enemies and the path forward will appear
Third Portal Puzzle Room
  • Third Portal Puzzle Room
    • You’ll run straight towards a dead portal doorway and right in front of it an ancient well of magic will appear which will turn the portal on
    • Looking straight through it you will see another metal medallion. Hit it with a basic attack and the doorway will turn to the right.
    • Go through the portal and turn around. Look back to see the same metal medallion on the wall back behind you on the right. Hit it with another basic attack and the portal doorway will return to it’s original position.
    • Now move straight across, ignoring the portal doorway which is now on your right.
    • You’ll go up a long staircase and come to another inert stone doorway. Again, a well of ancient magic will appear on your right and you can activate the portal. Notice that one of the short stone pillars also appears on the left.
    • Run around to the back side of the portal. Facing it, look to the left. On the wall will be a metal medallion, which you hit with a basic attack. The doorway will swing partway around.
    • From this blue side of the portal you can look through and see the crate part of the stone pillar. Cast Wingardium Leviosa and pull it through the portal towards you. Then bring it around the portal and set it back down where it was up on the raised platform.
    • Come back and go through the portal from the blue side. Then walk up the short stairs to the pillar, climb it, and then jump from the pillar to the ledge you see above the portal doorway.
    • There is another portal up here! But don’t go through it – instead look down to your right at the metal medallion from before. Hit it with a basic attack to move the whole structure back around.
    • This will bring you around to a ledge – jump on to it, you don’t need that upper portal at all.
  • Trial Combat #2
    • Run forward as the hallway moves around you, and then turn to your left. The middle statue in this room will remain lifeless as you run past but when you hit the blocked entrance beyond it, this will wake up two other smaller other statues in the room.
    • Defeat them and the seal around the doorway will disappear
    • Run down this hallway and up one side of the double staircase beyond.
    • There will then be two sets of double doors which will automatically open for you
Final Combat and Boss
  • Final Combat and Boss
Portal Fight Charles Rookwood's Trial Quest
Make them come through
  • This platform will contain both a portal doorway (which automatically activates) as well as statue enemies
  • Run straight through the blue side of the portal and engage the pensieve protector on the right.
  • Smaller statue enemies will also appear and need to be defeated.
  • When finished, go back through the portal on the red side and fight another large pensieve protector along with more smaller statues
  • After these enemies are defeated the portal disappears and a massive pensieve guardian appears.
Pensieve Guardian Hogwarts Legacy
  • Your strategy here should be similar to how you fought the one in Rackham’s trial. When he spawns a yellow orb and you’ll want to cast Levioso. He will also spawn a purple orb and in that case you’ll want to use Accio. Expelliarmus and Confringo are good regular damage spells to round out your spell diamond slots.  Be prepared to use a lot of Protego here, especially when he uses a yellowish ball.  Additionally, make sure to use consumables and ancient magic as soon as it’s filled up.

Pensieve Memory

  • Continue exploring Rookwood’s trial
    • Upon defeating this final enemy, a clear pathway will open up for you. Follow it to the next quest marker and interact with the pensieve to discover about Rookwood’s memories
  • Exit Charles Rookwood’s trial
    • You can enter the Map Chamber through a nearby portal
  • Speak to Percival
  • Speak with Professor Fig

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