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Hogwarts Legacy – In the Shadow of the Undercroft Quest

Welcome to our guide for Hogwarts Legacy – In the Shadow of the Undercroft Quest!

Hogwarts Legacy is a single player, action RPG based on the magical world of Harry Potter. With an endless amount of places to explore and magical spells to learn, there is always something to do and discover. Read on below to follow this Hogwarts Legacy quest!

Last updated May 1, 2023

In the Shadow of the Undercroft Quest

Visit the Undercroft

  • Meet Sebastian
    • A quest marker will clearly show you the way
    • If it isn’t the right time of day, there will be a golden location circle were you can click to wait and the game will reset so Sebastian is there
  • Talk to Sebastian
  • Follow him to the Undercroft
    • Interact with the door to enter
  • Explore the room
    • Sebastian will explain about how he discovered the room
    • After he’s done, the next quest step will tell you to speak with Sebastian some more – but before you do that take a bit of time to move around the room and search for chests!

Learn Confringo

  • Talk to Sebastian
    • The conversation focuses on Slytherin student Ominus Gaunt
    • He’ll offer to teach you a blasting spell called Confringo
Hogwarts Legacy Confringo Spell Tutorial
  • Practice casting Confringo
    • You’ll need to make sure to place this new spell in a slot
    • Aim your spells at the candelabras (they’ll be highlighted with quest markers)
  • Talk to Sebastian
    • He will ask if you’d like to meet his sister Ann
    • Then the conversation turns to what you were searching for in the Library. You can choose to trust him with the full story, or not
  • Leave the Undercroft
    • Ominus Gaunt will meet you right outside
    • You’ll have to choose between telling him Sebastian showed you the Undercroft or lying and saying you just stumbled upon it. If you lie, Ominus will know right away.

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