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Hogwarts Legacy – The High Keep Quest

Welcome to our guide for Hogwarts Legacy – The High Keep Quest!

Hogwarts Legacy is a single player, action RPG based on the magical world of Harry Potter. With an endless amount of places to explore and magical spells to learn, there is always something to do and discover. Read on below to follow this Hogwarts Legacy quest!

Last updated May 1, 2023

The High Keep Quest

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Entering Falbarton Castle

  • Meet Natty near Falbarton Castle
    • If she’s not there when you arrive there will be a golden circle where you can trigger the start of the quest
    • Speak to Natty about her investigations into Harlow
  • Climb the battlements
    • Follow the quest marker around the side of the castle where you will find some wooden scaffolding which you can use to climb up the side of the stone walls
    • Move forward and you’ll come to a closed gate with a strange mechanism just to the left of it. Cast Depulso and set it spinning and open the gate.
    • Inside is a large crate. Pull it out with Accio and bring it around the nearby corner. Drop Accio and cast Wingardium Leviosa. This can be tricky – you want to maneuver the box so it’s standing on its side and push it up against the wall because you need to climb up on the box in order to reach the ledge above.  How to do this is raise the box high against the wall next to opening with two boards facing up.  Slide the box down and it will tip to it’s side and move to opening.
Hogwarts Legacy - The High Keep crate movement

Opening the Gate

  • To the gatehouse
    • Once up top run forward and you’ll see a wooden structure highlight, which you can blast away with a spell. When you try to climb through the opening, you’ll find your way blocked with a crate.
    • You can’t do anything from here – go back out and continue around the castle until you come to an open window. You can’t climb through, but you can see the crate from here. Use Accio to pull it forward and out of your way. Go back to the crawlspace and make your way inside.
  • Open the main gate
Hogwarts Legacy - The High Keep open the gate
  • Right ahead of you after you crawl inside you’ll see the gate mechanism. On the left you’ll see another spinning mechanism to hit with Depulso. That will draw up a metal gate and reveal a pull chain. Cast Accio on it and that will open the front gate for Natty

Through the Castle

  • Follow Natty
    • She’ll come to you in the room with the gate mechanism and open the next way forward
    • There will be a short cut scene before you get to the door ahead
  • Get to the roof
    • As the cut scene ends the game will face you the way you need to go. Climb up the wooden structure you see in front of you, and then turn right and climb again up the stone wall.
    • Move forward and straight ahead through another broken window you’ll see another crate. Hit it with Depulso to send it flying down.
    • Move to the right and jump down over the balcony railing
    • As before, lift and pull the crate with Wingardium Leviosa over to the ledge and climb up
Hogwarts Legacy - The High Keep crate puzzle 2

Roof Rescue

  • When you finish climbing you’ll see a Poacher Tracker enemy cross your path. Just one, so should be easy to take care of
  • Head farther up the battlements and you will find three more enemies standing guard
  • Once the battle is over, use Alohomora to open the locked gate nearby
  • Through the door and inside, there will be a ledge to climb up on your immediate right
  • Around the castle path and up the stairs and a Poacher Ranger will challenge you. Feel free to Depulso her right off the ledge for an easy win.
  • Turn back around on this platform and two more enemies will drop in
  • Once all the enemies are defeated you can finally attempt to unlock the gate door at the top of those stairs, which is locked. Cast Alohomora to open
  • Inside, follow the stairs all the way up until you come to a wooden structure blocking your way. Blast it with Depulso
  • Continue up the stairs and you will find Highwing and another hippogriff in need of rescuing!
Hogwarts Legacy - The High Keep highwing

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