How to Get Animal Fur in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Animal Fur in Enshrouded, a crucial resource for crafting numerous levels of armor and various housing items.

How to Get Animal Fur in Enshrouded

Where to Find Animal Fur in Enshrouded

You can find Animal Fur by killing and looting most animals throughout Enshrouded. Once collected return to your base to craft various items or use it to make dried fur. There are no requirements to collect it, wolves even spawn near the starting area and are a great source of early animal fur.

Enshrouded Animal Fur Crafting Recipe

Animal Fur is a handy resource to collect in Enshrouded. It’s useful for both early-game and late-game recipes, so you should make it a priority to casually collect some anytime you are out adventuring. Also, you can craft Animal Fur with Fur Patches and String once you unlock the Hunter Craftsperson.

Best Early-Game Location

One of the easiest ways to collect Animal Fur is to kill animals in the starting area. Wolves, sheep, and other creatures have a chance to drop animal fur upon their death. There are various spawns next to the Shroud and near the cliff faces in the starting area.

While out venturing, always bring a weapon to kill any wolves you encounter. You will need Animal Fur to start with and as you progress through the game. Another great location for wolf spawns is at scavenger locations as they roam around in their territories.

Best Late-Game Location

Enshrouded Vukah Camp Animal Fur Farm

Vukah Camps are one of the best locations for Animal Fur and are found throughout early and late game areas. They tend to be more numerous in later-game zones and have multiple areas to loot for the fur.

Not only are the Vukah a great source of Animal Fur themselves but they have multiple sources lying around their encampments. So make sure to fully loot any of their hideaways as they tend to have Animal Fur cushioning seats and hanging on drying racks.

What is Animal Fur, and What Is It Used for?

Enshrouded Animal Fur

Animal Fur is “a versatile resource that is very common and useful for many things.” It is quite easy to obtain, however, many people will disregard it until they need it for something specific. We highly recommend collecting it as you go to reduce having to farm for it later.

Enshrouded Dried Fur Crafting

One of the best uses of Animal Fur is to turn it into Dried Fur at a Drying Rack. Furthermore, Dried Fur can be converted to Leather which is used to directly make various armor or converted into Padding for the best late-game armor material, Padding.

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