How to Get Bonemeal in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Bonemeal in Enshrouded, a resource you can use for crafting more complex materials.

How to Get Bonemeal in Enshrouded

How to Get Bonemeal in Enshrouded

You can get Bonemeal in Enshrouded by grinding down Bones with the Alchemist’s Grinding Stones. Bones come from killing and looting most non-Fell enemies in the overland world. You can collect them very early on in the game by killing wild animals such as wolves in the first regional zone, the Springlands.

Additionally, Grinding Stones are a crafting station you will use with the Alchemist. The Alchemist is on of the surviving craftspeople you can find in their vaults and revive back at your base. Once you’ve rescued the Alchemist you can speak with him and craft Grinding Stones. To make a Grinding Stone you will need:

  • 10 Flintstone
  • 15 Stone

Then, once you have placed the Grinding Stone in your base you can use it to craft Bonemeal. For every Bone you put into the Grinding Stone, you will receive back 2 bags of Bonemeal.

What is Bonemeal, and what is it used for?

Alchemist Apprentice Armor Set - Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, Bonemeal is a very versitile crafting ingrediant used for a wide variety of things, including armor pieces, farming soil, and in creating other crafting stations. For example, the Alchemist Apprentice armor set will require a total of 15 Bonemeal in order to craft the entire set.

Furthermore, you are playing a Wizard build, then you will want to have lots of Bonemeal on hand so that you can craft Chain Heal, Chain Lightning, Fireball I, and Heal Channel spell charges.

Additionally, Bonemal is a vital component of the Black Cauldron piece you need to create for the advanced Alchemy station. In order to craft a Black Cauldron with the Blacksmith you will need:

Finally, you will want to have plenty of Bonemeal in your inventory in order to create Farm Soil with the Farmer. This soil is an upgrade from just planting your seedlings into the regular dirt. Any seedlings placed in Farm Soil will grow at a faster rate than before.

Enshrouded Black Cauldron crafting recipe for Alchemy Station
Enshrouded Farm Soil Recipe

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