How to Get Bones in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Bones in Enshrouded, a crucial resource for crafting armor, farming crops, and various crafting recipes.

How to Get Bones in Enshrouded
How to Get Bones in Enshrouded

Where to Find Bones in Enshrouded

You can find Bones by killing and looting most non-Fell enemies throughout Enshrouded. Once collected return to your base to craft various items or grind it up to make Bonemeal. There are no requirements to collect it, wolves and goats even spawn near the starting area and are a great source of early bones.

Enshrouded Bone Location

Bones are one of the most used resources in Enshrouded. It’s useful for both early-game and late-game recipes, so you should make it a priority to casually collect some anytime you are out adventuring. Collecting bones often requires combat so make sure to come equipped with your best weapons and armor.

What is Bones, and What Is It Used for?

Enshrouded Bones Resource

Bones are known for “Possessing magical properties, bones of the dead are often used in alchemy.” They are quite easy to obtain, however, you will need constant supplies even as you progress to later zones. For example, some early game armor, like the Ranger set, require the use of bones to make.

Enshrouded Grinding Stones Bonemeal

One of the most important things created with Bones is Bonemeal. After unlocking the Alchemist Craftsperson, you can place Bones in a Grinding Stone which results in Bonemeal. Bonemeal is useful for numerous spell charges like early game healing charges, chain lightning, and fireball 1. Also, Bonemeal is a requirement for farming since you use it for both creating Farm Soil and various recipes for seedlings. Lastly, you can use Bonemeal for some of the early to mid-game armor sets from the Alchemist and Archer craftspeople.

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