How to Get Chamomile Tea in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find and make Chamomile Tea in Enshrouded, a simple drink which boosts health and endurance.

Enshrouded Chamomile flowers and tea

How to Get Chamomile Tea in Enshrouded

To get Chamomile Tea in Enshrouded you will have to make it with Chamomile flowers and Water using the Fireplace. To acquire the Fireplace, you will first need to complete one of the Farmer’s personal quests. You should receive the ‘Fireplace for the Farmer’ quest after you access the Revelwood region. To enter Revelwood, you will need to strengthen your Flame Alter to Level 3.

The Fireplace for the Farmer quests will send you to the capital of Pikemead’s Reach for a Kettle. Pikemead’s Reach is a good distance away from the Revelwood Ancient Spire, but you can find it far to the northeast. You’ll need to bring the Kettle back to base with you, and first visit the Blacksmith in order to craft it. You’ll need the Kettle, 4 Flintstone, 10 Stone, and 2 Metal Scraps in order to make your Fireplace.

Enshrouded - Where to find Chamomile

Additionally, the best harvesting spot for Chamomile flowers themselves is also found in the Revelwood region. Just northwest of the Revelwood Ancient Spire is a great place to collect this vital ingredient. However, Chamomile can also be found in the earlier starting regions of the game. If you’ve already been collecting this white and yellow flower along the way, then you likely already have some in your storage chests.

Once you have Chamomile flowers, Water and the Fireplace you can begin to craft Chamomile Tea. To make one cup of Chamomile Tea you will need:

  • 1 Chamomile
  • 1 Water

What is Chamomile Tea, and what is it used for?

Enshrouded Chamomile tea crafting recipe

In Enshrouded you’ll use Chamomile Tea to boost your health regeneration and endurance while exploring. Creating this drink only requires one each of two different ingredients. And it will boost your Health Regeneration +5 and your Endurance +2 for 35 in-game minutes. Therefore, it’s a pretty decent boost for very little cost.

Additionally, you can use Seedbeds to farm additional Chamomile flowers, so that you aren’t limited by what you can harvest in the wild.

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