How to Get Dirt in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Dirt in Enshrouded, a basic resource with a wide variety of uses in base construction.

Enshrouded mining harvesting Dirt

How to Get Dirt in Enshrouded

You can harvest Dirt immediately in Enshrouded, because it can be found within the first regional area of Springlands. All you need is a basic pick axe in order to start mining this resource. Dirt can be collected anywhere there is regular ground, which is nearly every non-Shroud area of the Springlands. In fact, all of the ground found immediately in the area around your first base can be mined for lots of Dirt.

Dig Dirt Faster Enshrouded

Additionally, when collecting Dirt in Enshrouded you can also use Skill Points to unlock an ability called Mason (2 points). With this skill active, your pick axe will deal 30% more damage against stone and resource veins.

Moreover, when you’re mining with a pick axe you’ll be using up a lot of your Stamina wheel. Therefore, bringing along food like honey or other consumables with stamina regeneration or endurance is advised. This will help maximize the speed of gathering and the amount of materials you can collect in a run.

Finally, you can also unlock the Miner skill (4 points), which will grant you a 10% chance to get more resources when mining.

What is Dirt, and what is it used for?

Enshrouded Dirt resource tooltip

In Enshrouded, Dirt is a basic crafting material which can be used for a lot of different components that make up your base. You can craft Limestone Blocks, Citywall Blocks, and Castle Wall Stone blocks using Dirt. Additionally, you will need Dirt for the Blacksmith’s Charcoal Kiln in order to craft Charcoal, Tar, and Wood Acid.

However, one of the most useful resources you can create using Dirt are the powerful Acid Bite staff charges. You’ll need to have rescued the Alchemist and found the necessary components for his Alchemy Station before you can proceed. To craft Acid Bite staff charges in Enshrouded you will need:

  • 2 Poison Sack
  • 2 Ammonia Gland
  • 5 Goo
  • 20 Dirt
Acid Bite - Staff Charge - Enshrouded

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