How to Get Loviatar’s Scourge in Baldur’s Gate 3

Loviatar’s Scourge grants Necrotic resistance, but at a potential cost, and you can get it during Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Loviatar’s Scourge

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the mace Loviatar’s Scourge will grant you Necrotic resistance, but you have to be careful when using it as a weapon because you can deal friendly fire damage. The Willing Whip perk first grants you resistance to Necrotic damage. However, when you use it in battle it will also deal an additional 1-6 Necrotic damage to all nearby targets. Unfortunately, that includes the character who is using it.

To effectively use this weapon you’ll need to have healing spells on hand, or ready access to healing potions as a way to counter the damage. For quicker fights using this weapon might be worth it. However, be cautious of longer boss fights because the damage done to your character will build up over time.

All Loviatar’s Scourge features in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Weapon Type: Mace
  • Damage: 1d6-1 Bludgeoning; +1d6 Necrotic (Conditional)
  • Requirements: Simple Weapons Proficiency
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Value: 592
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Location: Sold or Dropped by Abdirak in the Shattered Sanctum, Act 1
  • Bonuses:
    • Willing Whip: Grants Resistance to Necrotic, and deals additional 1-6 Necrotic damage to nearby targets, including the wielder.
  • Classes with Simple Weapons Proficiency: Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Warlock, Paladin
  • Companions Who Can Use This Weapon: Astarion, Shadowheart, Lae’zel, Minthara, Wyll, Minsc

How to Get Loviatar’s Scourge in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Shattered Sanctum Abdirak location

To get Loviatar’s Scourge in Baldur’s Gate 3 you will need to make your way inside the Shattered Sanctum in Act 1 and then find Abdirak on the right-hand side, standing in a small alcove. To get inside the Shattered Sanctum you will first need to visit the Goblin Camp, which is on the west side of the Act 1 map. Goblins guards at the entrance will stop you and you can either talk your way past them or defeat them in battle.

Once through the main gate head right (north) and up into the courtyard outside the former temple. Keep heading north until you reach the temple entrance. Inside the doors and down the hallways you’ll be challenged again by more guards. Talk your way past them, saying that you’re here to see any of the three leaders.

Speaking to Abdirak

Then, keep moving forward and once you’re down into the main temple space, turn to the right and head up the stairs. Next, turn left, move a short way forward, and then turn right again. You then should be able to see Abdirak standing alone at the back of this room.

Speak to him and you’ll find that he is a servant of the Maiden of Pain, Loviatar. If you pass certain dialogue checks you can earn the bonus Loviatar’s Love which is a condition where on 30% Hit Points or less, you gain a +2 bonus to Attack Rolls and Wisdom saving throws.

While in the dialogue screen, you can click to trade with him and find Loviatar’s Scourge for sale. Or, you can kill him and loot Loviatar’s Scourge from his body after.

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