How to Get Mycelium in Enshrouded

Learn how to obtain Mycelium resources in Enshrouded for building bases, crafting, and creating Alchemy Base materials for end-game purposes.

Enshrouded Game - Mycelium Material Enshrouded

Where to Find Mycelium in Enshrouded

By mining the material with a pickaxe, you can find Mycelium in Longkeep at the start of the game in the Shroud area. Mycelium looks like a large blue fungus on walls or in groups, and dark grey mushroom-type structures in shroud areas. Unlike other materials, Mycelium can be harvested at the outset of the game with an abundance of material

Enshrouded Game - How and Where to Find Mycelium in Enshrouded

Upon exiting the vault, travel to Longkeep as you set up your first base. The Shroud area has plenty of dark mushroom material to harvest. This is useful as a building block at the beginning and for alchemy materials at the end of the game. Additionally, you won’t need any flame altar level or spire to reach the material.

How to Use Mycelium

Enshrouded Game - What Should You Use Mycelium Make in Enshrouded

Mycelium works best as a key ingredient for Alchemical Base, a crucial crafting material in the end-game phase. To make Alchemical Base, combine Shroud Liquid, Mycelium, Water, and Shroud Spores at the alchemy station. This base is used to create powerful consumables like Great Mana Potion, Greater Shroud Survival Flask, Nitrate, Spice, Revitalizing Health Potions, and Shroud Meteor. Make sure to stock up on Mycelium, as it’s essential for crafting the best consumables in the game.

Enshrouded Game - Mycelium Overgrown Block in Enshrouded

Moreover, Mycelium can create Mycelium-Overgrown Blocks, which are helpful as a starter building material. They aren’t as clean or bright as other materials, but they’re a start to getting your craftspeople under a roof.

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