How to Get Mystra’s Benevolence in Baldur’s Gate 3

Mystra’s Benevolence in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a hidden buff you can get and use for the most challenging fights in Act 2. Here are the details.

How to Get Mystra's Benevolence in Baldur's Gate 3

How to Get Mystra’s Benevolence in Baldur’s Gate 3

To get Mystra’s Benevolence, you must investigate and destroy a ritual circle with Gale in Balthazar’s hidden room in Moonrise Towers.

Coldbrim Hat in Baldur’s Gate 3 - in Balthazar's Chambers Map Location BG3

In Act 2 of the game, while you are exploring Moonrise Towers located in the southwest of the map, you will come across a distinctive room on the first floor adjacent to the Library. If you talk to Disciple Z’rell, she will inform you that it belongs to Balthazar. You can persuade her to give you the key to this room and allow you to enter.

Balthazar is a skilled necromancer who has been sent by Kethric to search for Nightsong. To find his room, you need to go to the second floor of the Moonrise towers. The stairs are located behind the Kethrick throne in the throne room, which is in the central part of the towers. Once you’re upstairs, turn right and go through the library to reach Balthazar’s Chambers. You should be careful, as the room is filled with traps.

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Behind the bookcase is a secret room. To open it, find a human heart, interact with the pedestal beside the bookcase, and insert the heart.

What to do with Balthazar's Ritual Circle

Upon entering the room, you will find various fascinating items and information about the renowned necromancer. Additionally, there is a Balthazar ritual circle located on the table to the right. If you happen to have Gale as a member of your team, he will provide insight into the mechanics of the Shadow Lantern and its relation to Mystra.

Mystra's Benevolence from Ritual Circle

If you allow Gale to destroy it, he will receive the Mystra’s Benevolence permanent bonus. It gives him the advantage on concentration checks until the next long rest. Because the bonus isn’t permanent, it may be helpful before the final battle or if you know the challenging combat is next.

Please note if your character or any other team member destroys Balthazar’s ritual circle, there are no benefits or additional bonuses; you must have Gale on your team.

Should You Get Mystra’s Benevolence?

If you pay attention to the conversation between Gale and your character, you will come to know that the other option is to create Shadow Lantern. Even though Mystra’s Benevolence is a great advantage, it only lasts until you take a long rest. It will be useful for a short time, especially in upcoming challenging fights. However, it would probably be more beneficial to get a unique weapon with an additional summoner pet for your party.

Shadow Lantern Summon Shadow BG3

The Shadow Lantern is a variant of the Moonlantern, but it does not offer protection against the Shadow Curse. Instead, it allows the user to summon a level 6 necromancy spell, Conjure Shadow Lantern Wraith, once per long rest. Unlike the regular Moonlantern, the Shadow Lantern should be equipped in the weapon slot rather than the torch slot. Therefore, it has a 1d4 + Strength modifier and deals Bludgeoning damage.

To create the Lantern, you will need to use Gale and interact with the ritual circle in the room. Attempting to use any other character will result in Gale commenting on the impracticality of the idea. Additionally, you must pass a 30 DC Intelligence check in the Arcana skill. Therefore, using Gale for the task is the optimal choice.

Combine the Dead Pixie with a Broken Moonlantern to craft a Shadow Lantern in the Balthazar’s ritual circle.

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