How to Get Strawberry in Enshrouded

Discover how to get Strawberry in Enshrouded, a powerful consumable used to increase health regeneration and craft additional items.

How to Get Strawberries in Enshrouded

Welcome to Enshrouded, where you embody the Flameborn, the final glimmer of hope for a fading civilization. As you awaken, you find yourself amidst the chaos of a corrupting fog known as the Shroud, threatening to engulf everything in its path. In this open-world co-op survival action RPG, your survival hinges on your ability to explore, gather materials, and craft essential items.

Strawberry: A delicious aggregate-accessory fruit predominantly found in the Revelwood. Consumable, +3 health regeneration for 30 seconds.

Where to Find Strawberry in Enshrouded

Best Strawberries Location in Enshrouded Game

You can find Strawberries in the Revelwood area, and the best location is west of the Ancient Spire. To reach Revelwood, you will need the Flame Altar of level 3 or higher, and completing the Spire allows you to jump to the west into a large field with an abundant field full of strawberries.

Enshrouded Game how to get Strawberries - Enshrouded

Unlike other resources, Strawberries do not require any tools or mining and can be harvested by picking them up. Many farms in the area have Strawberry plants you can harvest as well. Farms are green icons on your maps, which might require zooming in to see.

What do we use strawberries for in Enshrouded?

How to Craft Fruit Bowl in Enshrouded

Strawberries can be consumed directly to gain +3 health regeneration for 30 seconds. Health regeneration is not the same as healing from potions. You can use health regeneration with Bandages to provide fast health regeneration and use potions for a health flood. Thus, Strawberries are helpful during the beginning of the game as a quick way to boost survivability.

Near max level, with your Farmer craftspersons leveled up, you can create a Fruit Bowl with honey, strawberries, purple berries, and Yucca fruit. This is the most potent health regeneration food in the game and is helpful for Warrior-type builds that play in melee and take constant damage.

How to Get Strawberry Seedlings in Enshrouded

Additionally, you can mass-produce Strawberries with Seedbeds. Seedbads can be obtained at the Farmer, and by combining Water, Strawberry, and Farm Soil, you produce 5 strawberry seedlings. Place these seedlings in the soil to yield strawberries after a time.

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