How to Obtain Dov-Rha ESO Mythic High Isle

Dov-Rha is an one piece mythic armor set in the Elder Scrolls Online that can be obtained in High Isle and Amenos. It is part of the High Isle Chapter.  This mythic is great for high mobility PvP builds. In order to start the process of obtaining the Dov-Rha, you will need to have access to the Greymoor DLC, either by owning it or by having an active ESO Plus subscription. You also need to have the Excavation and Scrying skill lines at at least rank 7 in order to scry and dig for master level leads.

Dov-rha Sabatons
Dov-rha Sabaton Guard Lair of Maarselok dungeon, last boss (Dungeon)
Dov-rha Sabaton Heel Drops from Dragons in the Sunspire Trial (High Isle)
Dov-rha Sabaton Lames Safeboxes in the Northern Elsweyr zone
Dov-rha Sabaton Poleyn Monsters in the Moongrave Fane Dungeon (South-Eastern Elsweyr)
Dov-rha Sabaton Toe Cap Psijic Portals anywhere in the world (Southern Elsweyr)