New Server Hosting Options in ARK Survival Ascended & Cross-Save

Introducing the New Server Hosting Options in ARK: Survival Ascended, where Cross-Save functionality lets you continue your game experience.

New Server Hosting Options in ARK Survival Ascended - Cross-Save

In the ever-evolving world of online gaming, ARK: Survival Evolved is a prime example of a game that continually adapts and expands to cater to the desires of its dedicated player base. Recently, players of this open-world survival game received news about new server hosting options. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of these new hosting options, including the ability to access and rent servers for your save games and even unlock valuable discounts using a promo code.

Accessing Your Save Games from Official Network Progress

As of Thursday, October 5th, ARK players with the save games from the Official Network can continue their progress on private PC saves, allowing them to manage and manipulate their game progress.

Renting Servers with Nitrado

ARK: Survival Evolved has partnered with Nitrado to offer server rental services. With Nitrado, you can host your PC or console saves on dedicated servers, ensuring a smoother, more personalized multiplayer experience. This means you can control the in-game environment and rules, making it easier to share your adventures with friends and like-minded gamers.

Nitrado servers have various benefits, including the convenience of one-click save game imports through a user-friendly web interface. This slick the process of setting up and launching your ARK server, whether playing on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

Discount Code: Unlocking Savings with “LEGACY”

Every opportunity to save a few bucks while enhancing your experience is undoubtedly appreciated. ARK: Survival Evolved recognizes this, and they’ve introduced a discount code for players looking to rent Nitrado servers. When you order your server through Nitrado, you can apply the promo code “LEGACY” to enjoy a 10% discount on your server rental cost.

So, if you’ve been yearning for a more tailored multiplayer experience or want to keep the progress you’ve made on the Official Network, now is the time to take the plunge. ARK: Survival Evolved has many options and ways to run your own servers, from dedicated to non-dedicated and official servers. The number of options could be a guide of its own. Still, it’s worth noting that the ability to continue the adventure from the official network, where many players spend hundreds of hours, is much appreciated.

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