Psijic Ambrosia Crafting Guide

Wondering how to craft the coveted XP potion boosters? Check out our Psijic Ambrosia Crafting Guide here.

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Psijic Ambrosia Flow Chart

Psijic Ambrosia Flow Chart

The above flow chart gives you an idea of what you’ll need in order to craft a Psijic Ambrosia Potion.

1) You’ll need seven Psijic Ambrosia Recipe Fragments that come from crafting writs.

2) You’ll need three ingredients, Brevez Juice, Frost Mirriam (obtained through provisioning) and Perfect Roe (obtained through fishing only).

Once you’ve obtained seven frags and the ingredients, boom XP potion.  Let me give you some helpful ideas to speed things up.


Fragment Farming – If you didn’t want my Provisioning Power-leveling, now’s a good time to start (here).  I now have multiple characters with 50 provisioning because only through these writs can you obtain one of the seven fragments needed to complete the recipe.  So let’s say you watched the video (and click like 🙂 and you’re wondering, “now what?”  Provisioning Writs are possibly the easiest to turn in because the same six potions and food appear on every writ.  So stock up on these recipes and keep them on each character for a quick turn it. Note that for the highest lvl writs your character has to be at least veteran rank 1.



Those complete provisioning writs will also give you the two other ingredients needed to craft your XP potion.  So now it’s just down to Perfect Roe which comes from fishing (full guide on site).

Fishing just requires bait which you can find all over the places.  Visit a fishing hole, select the proper bait and fish.  Once you catch the fish, then you fillet the fish (just like you would refine ore for blacksmithing) and bang you have a chance at getting a Perfect Roe.  It’s honestly that simple.

The problem with obtain the potion is the fragments.  I highly recommend working together as guild, team or whatever in order to piece together all seven of these.  With four characters running provisioning every single day, I’ve yet to get one fragment.  I hope this simple guide helps so thanks for reading!

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