Quest for the Ruby Throne

I’m proud to introduce a new author on the site, Chorrosion Riaz.  We’ll be covering his month long quest to obtain the  Ruby Throne, the hunt for Emperor in Cyrodiil on the most competitive 30 day server.  Here’s more about him and our series Quest for the Ruby Throne.

JerseyI’ve been playing computer games since I was a young teenager. My brother was a member of a clan in Mechwarrior 4, a first person giant robotic mech PvP game. The clan was short on members and my brother offered up my hand to the clan leader saying that I play computer games in my free time. I was 13 at the time and was inducted into a clan full of passionate and likable players. Being the youngest I looked up to most all of them and took what they had to say to heart. The most influential of these was the Khan (clan leader) Blade Boques.
After some incredible experiences within the game and with this group it eventually disbanded and we all went our separate ways. I went through high school pretty much game-less focusing on things like diving and music. However, toward the end of high school Blade Boques was driving down through Massachusetts, my state of origin, and stopped at our home to meet my brother and myself in person! It’s really an incredible experience to meet someone who you knew purely through their voice and in-game leadership.
My life has changed for the better with this relationship. After High School I joined the sales company he worked for and worked my way up, eventually taking on the role of team leader in which I would take employees out on road trips all over the country. Blade Boques formed a guild called Exceptional Legion that did end game raids within Star Wars The Old Republic. I was a member of this guild and played an active role in all of the operations. After a few years of this guild it too came to its close with a new set of friends and memories to keep with it.
Screenshot_20141019_155006Upon its release we played Elder Scrolls Online and Blade Boques being the exceptional gamer he is fought in the alliance war, incredibly impassioned, simply trying to help his alliance win and leading the server to take keeps and scrolls. He inevitably became the emperor of Auriel’s Bow.
Personally I have competitively played games for most of my life and have pushed myself pretty hard in the past. But as I said I have seen others achieve massive success and I have been associated with that success enough that I feel now, with all of this experience, I know what makes someone successful in such endeavors. Having been in sales for three years and having become the highest producing team leader within my company I know what it means to apply the principles of success and that when it comes to gaming it is no different! So after having left my sales job I feel it is now time to take on a massive goal in gaming and the single largest goal I could think of was becoming the Emperor of the most populated campaign!
It is also my hope that along the way I can create an air of positivity and comradely and inspire at least a handful of people to go for something that they otherwise felt was unattainable. Whether you meet them online or in real life I feel it is important to remember that we are all still people! And we all have our own personal desires. Pursuing goals, even silly ones are important… but some people simply become scared or too comfortable to go after them.  Making life the way you want it for you, that is success.

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