Starfield Combat Pirate Enemy Preview

Starfield Direct Shows Fantastic Gameplay

During the special event, Starfield Direct, Bethesda Shows Fantastic Gameplay and game details we have never seen before.

By Pixel | Published June 11th, 2023

Source: Bethesda Softworks

Starfield Direct Gameplay

Gameplay shown during Starfield Direct presented a vast cast of characters, companions and even romances. We have new information about types of weapons, ships and details on building and creating your outpost from scratch. There is much news, so check out the new gameplay!

Starfield is a new Bethesda open-world RPG game where players have the freedom to travel in space, complete missions, and build ships and outposts. This massive game is every sci-fi fan’s dream and offers countless hours of gameplay. Many ask if it will be the next Skyrim in space.

The game’s gameplay showcased during short in-game footage looks improved compared to previous videos we saw. Combat is a much smoother and present sword weapon we haven’t seen before. It’s the most anticipated Bethesda game this year. Starfield is coming to PC, Xbox and Xbox Game Pass on September 6th 2023.

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Thank you for reading Starfield Direct Shows Fantastic Gameplay Article! We’ll do more deep dives into Starfield and cover the game. Keep an eye out for more coverage as we anxiously wait for the game to release! Additionally, you can also watch Deltia streaming the game on Twitch.