The First Descendant: Ajax Character and How to Play the Class Guide

A complete guide on how to play as an Ajax character in The First Descendant, including his class skills, role, and everything you should know.

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Ajax Character (Class) Overview

Ajax is one of three available starting characters, and his role as a tank gives him decent survivability along with abilities that can be used to protect himself and other group members. However, he’s not a ‘pure’ tank character and his abilities are a mix of defense and damage that hold him back from being a top-tier character in the game. Nevertheless, Ajax can be a good starting character for new players who are learning the game and want additional protection to keep them in the fight.

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Ajax Character (Class) Features in The First Descendant:

  • Role: Tank Dealer
  • Feature: Ajax, who came back alive from the Void, is an expert in distorting physical space.
  • Battle Concept: He leads the team with powerful barriers that protects allies and reflects enemy attacks.
  • Pros: Good Survivability, Barrier Abilities
  • Cons: Jack of all trades, master of none
  • Passive Skill: Event Horizon
  • Active Skills: Orbit Barrier, Void Walk, Expulsion
  • Ultimate Ability: Hypercube
  • How to Unlock: Chosen as a starting character, bought in-store, or crafted

In The First Descendant, each character has their own class and role, and they possess unique skills, passives, and ultimate abilities which fix that playstyle. Furthermore, The First Descendant class system resembles games like Destiny 2 and Warframe. You will have three standard abilities with cooldowns based on their power. Additionally, you can also use multiple guns and accessories to develop your build. Furthermore, each class has its pros and cons and optimal usage. In this First Descendant guide, we will describe how to play the Ajax character, how to unlock him, and who would enjoy this class playstyle.

Should you play Ajax in The First Descendant?

If you’re jumping into The First Descendant for the first time and wanting to play a tank role, then Ajax would be a great first choice for you. He may not be the best tank character in the game, but he’s good to learn with while you get comfortable with game mechanics. Additionally, you can use that time to progress and level Ajax while gathering materials to research and craft other characters you may be interested in.

As a tank, Ajax’s main form of defense will be his two shield abilities. One is a standard ability and the other is a shield. Moreover, his other two standard abilities give you some manner of crowd control. The first provides a stun, while the second produces an area-of-effect knock-back.

Who is Ajax? – Story

Ajax is a war veteran, whose experience on the battlefield secured him a position as a military academy professor. He had no plans to return to the field until the shocking news of the death of a former brother-in-arms. His friend Aisha had been leading troops into battle when the entire squad was wiped out. Ajax requested a return to active duty and Headquarters was grateful to have someone with his leadership skills on the field again.

However, Ajax did place one major condition on his return. A previous accident during a Dimensional Door experiment had left him drifting in the Void for several years. During that time, Ajax had developed the Spatial Theory and he wished to apply it to the development of a new type of body armor. The body armor was successfully completed, but for unknown reasons, the information that resulted in its creation was purged from the official record.

How to Play Ajax – Character Gameplay

The best way to play Ajax is a tank, using crowd control and defensive abilities to increase your survivability. Ajax strength is a barrier and crowd control with a void walk jump ability and expulsion. If you enjoy playing a highly defensive character, then Ajax is your initial pick.

How to Play Ajax in The First Descendant - Character Gameplay

Ajax’s main utility is Orbit Barrier, a wall in front of you that can reflect damage. This allows Ajax to create cover in any situation. Moreover, this is a helpful skill in group play when in the open and needing some type of cover or to reflect damage.

Ajax has two options for area damage: Void Walk or Expulsion. Void Walk jumps and slams down, staggering weaker enemies and expulsion is a knockback. These, in tandem, can help crowd control enemies and relieve allies of pressure when taking damage.

The main strength of Jax is his Hypercube ability. This is similar to a Void Titan, creating a bubble that protects anyone inside and reflects damage. This bubble is perfect for a boss burn or when you need to escape pressure.

How to Unlock Ajax in The First Descendant?

How to Unlock Ajax in The First Descendant

To unlock Ajax in The First Descendant, choose him as your starting character, purchase him from the store, or research him. Moreover, if you choose another character at the start of the game, you can craft Ajax later on to gain access to the character. Finally, to craft Ajax, you will need:

  • Ajax Enhanced Cells
    • Silicon x430
    • Hellion x303
    • Artificial Biometal x303f
    • Ajax Enhanced Cell Blueprint
    • 200,000 Gold
  • Ajax Stabilizer
    • Hardener x386
    • Ceramic Composite x408
    • Compound Carbon Activator x29f
    • Ajax Stabilizer Blueprint x1
    • 200,000 Gold
  • Ajax Spiral Catalyst
    •  Compound Coating Material x239
    • Shape Memory Alloy x462
    • Positive Ion Particle x38
    • Ajax Spiral Catalyst Blueprint x1
  • Ajax Code

Similar to all other characters, to craft Ajax you must speak to Anais in the Albion Mountains area. She will grant you access to the Research Institute, where you can choose to craft additional descendant characters. There is also an ultimate Ajax character unlock, but because it is an advanced character it will require more farming.

Ajax Passive and Active Skills

The First Descendant Ajax Character

In the First Descendant, all characters have one passive skill, along with three active skills and an ultimate to choose from. When you play as the Ajax character in the First Descendant, it will be important to understand the basics of his class, available skills, and the cooldowns on them.

  • Passive skills: Passive buffs and bonuses are automatically applied or under certain conditions.
  • Active and Ultimate skills: These are activated by a player (effects on demand) and vary by character. Each character has unique skills to match their role and playstyle.

Passive Skill

Event Horizon – When using skills, acquire Void Energy. Depending on the amount of Void Energy owned, gains Singularity per stage. Singularity decreases cooldown and the effect is boosted for each stage.

When Void Energy is maximum, it enhances the skills and grants additional effects. While using the enhanced skills, Void Energy cannot be acquired. When Out of Combat for a certain period of time, all Void Energy is consumed.

Active Skills

Orbit Barrier – Creates a Barrier in front. The Barrier’s stats are affected by Ajax’s HP and DEF. When hit by an enemy, the Barrier deals Reflection Damage proportional to the damage received and Ajax’s DEF to the attacking enemy.

Using the skill while Void Energy is at maximum increases Reflection Damage even more. After creating the Barrier, it gains Void Energy.

Void Walk – Jumps forward, then deals damage on landing, inflicting Stun. Using the skill while Void Energy is at maximum enhances Void Walk. When using enhanced Void Walk, it increases its own Max Shield. When the skill ends, he acquires Void Energy.

Expulsion – Inflicts damage and Knockback on nearby enemies. When Void Energy is at maximum, it enhances Expulsion. While enhanced, increases base damage and range. When the skill ends, gain Void Energy.

Ultimate Skill

Hyper Cube – Creates a dome-shaped Barrier. The Barrier’s stats are affected by Ajax’s HP and DEF. When Void Energy is at maximum, enhances the Barrier. The enhanced Barrier grants Barrier Enhancement to all allies within range, including self. Barrier Enhancement increases Firearm ATK. When the skill ends, acquires Void Energy.

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