The First Descendant: Bunny Character and How to Play the Class Guide

A complete guide on playing as a Bunny character in The First Descendant, including her class skills, role, and everything you should know.

The First Descendant Bunny Character and How to Play the Class Guide

Bunny Character (Class) Overview

Simply put, Bunny is the ultimate damage dealer in the First Descendant. She’s the best damage dealer in the game, built for speed, building up electricity, and discharging either single target or AOE. She can wipe out groups of mobs or burn down bosses, making her one of the best and most popular characters.

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Bunny Character (Class) Features in The First Descendant:

  • Role: Nuker
  • Feature: It’s common sense that electricity cannot be produced from nothing. However, this doesn’t apply to Bunny.
  • Battle Concept: To collect energy for an electrifying blow, she has to run wherever she goes. You could say she’s a living generator.
  • Pros: Raw Damage, Speed
  • Cons: Low Durability
  • Passive Skill: Rabbit Foot
  • Active Skills: Thrill Bomb, Speed of Light, Lightning Emission
  • Ultimate Ability: Maximum Power
  • How to Unlock: Researched for 100,000 credits from Anais

Characters are your classes in The First Descendant, providing skills, passives, and ultimate abilities. You have three base game classes to choose from, and as you progress, you can unlock more characters. Bunny isn’t a starting class, and you’ll want to progress the main story and save 100,000 credits to purchase her, but it will be worth it!

The First Descendant class system is familiar to games like Destiny 2 and Warframe. You will have three abilities, which have cooldowns based on their power. You can use multiple guns, and each class has its pros and cons and optimal usage. In this guide, we will describe how to play Bunny’s character, how to unlock her, and who would enjoy this playstyle.

Should you play Bunny in The First Descendant?

Bunny was the most popular character in the Beta testing of the First Desecedant, partly due to her looks, movement speed, and raw area-based damage. Bunny’s abilities center around electricity and building stacks to release powerful area-based damage. The more she moves, the more electricity she builds. Therefore, players who love fast and furious playstyles will constantly jump (hence bunny) and love this character.

The major downside of Bunny is she’s a squisher or less survivable than other characters. Moreover, you’ll need to play constantly aggressively with heavy movement in melee range. But the pros outweigh the cons, and she’s one of the strongest characters in the entire game and perfect for level and clearing any content in the First Descendant.

Who is Bunny? – Story

Bunny’s background is that of a young woman raised by her grandmother after her parents passed away. Bunny showed signs of thievery and mischief. To this end, Bunny eventually steals a grenade and hides amongst the oil tanks. Wanting no one to get close to her, eventually, her grandmother came to solve this situation.

In a moment of panic, Bunny dropped the grenade, and she didn’t remember what had happened next. Witnesses said an incident occurred, sending out a powerful electromagnetic explosion. Bunny’s triggering of her abilities and superhero powers lead her to the frontline of any battlefield. Thanks to the love and care of her Grandmother, Bunny was able to recover from the incident and now dominate the battlefield in the First Desecendnat.

How to Play Bunny – Character Gameplay

Bunny rushes around the battlefield, collecting energy and bursting it out for massive damage.  With Bunny, you want to stay moving to build electricity that can be shot out with your Maximum Power Ultimate. The damage increases in proportion to the skill duration; therefore, keep running, shooting, and blasting the battlefield into dust!

The First Descendant Bunny Character

Movement and Speed: Bunny’s passive ability incentivizes movement, rewarding you with electric charges for traversing the battlefield. The purpose of gaining electricity is with Thrill Bomb, which deals with skill power and increases based on the electricity possessed. Therefore, running around tagging every enemy and dropping a Thrill Bomb will result in the most damage. Bunny should always be moving forward or staffing to build electrical charge continually.

Damage: Once you fill up your electrical, you can jump and land an electrifying blow. This will produce a shockwave of damage and blast enemies. Moreover, you can pulse with electricity via Lighting Emission. The more enemies you tag, the greater the damage you will do, and this even works in a single target. Just constantly strafe, building up electricity and dispersing it.

Weapons: Like the Thunder Cage Submachine gun, you should look for weapons with close range and high fire rates. Anything with an electrical charge or electrocution status effect bonus will aid your overall damage and power. Bunny isn’t an “aim down sights” character, so something with high accuracy up close will be perfect.

Defenses and Survival Tips: sometimes offense is the best defense, and with Bunny, the sheer killing potential lowers your overall damage. You’ll need to practice moving from pillar to pillar or box to box to keep the electricity building and avoid damage. However, you should have so much damage most of the time, mobs won’t even touch you.

How to Unlock Bunny in The First Descendant?

How to Unlock Bunny in The First Descendant

To unlock the Bunny Character in the First Descendant, speak with the Magisters Anais to conduct research for 100,000 credits. You will need the following material, obtained through the quest “Bunny Crafting Training:”

  • 1x Bunny Enhance Cells
  • 1x Bunny Stabilizer
  • 1x Bunny Spiral Catalyst
  • 1x Bunny Code

You must level through the main story until you reach the Albion Mountains area. The Quest has five stages: Bunny Crafting Training, with the fifth being researching Bunny and unlocking this character. Complete all the main story missions and finish the missions in the Kingston area. You must upgrade one mod in Albion, then one Void Battle. Once completed, talk with Anais and conduct the research.

Bunny Passive and Active Skills

All characters in The First Descendant have one passive skill and four active skills.

  • Passive skills: Passive buffs and bonuses are automatically applied or under certain conditions.
  • Active and Ultimate skills: These are activated by a player (effects on demand) and vary by character. Each character has unique skills to match their role and playstyle.

The main thing you need to focus on is reducing cooldowns on your skills or mana regeneration. This allows you to cycle through skills and increase damage and mobility constantly. This all comes through modding like Electric Specialist. Remember, Bunny isn’t a gun/weapon character; she’s all about skill damage and skill cooldowns. Therefore, select mods that amplify damage and reduce cooldown vs. Submachine damage.

Passive Skill

Rabbit Foot – Acquires Electricity proportional to the distance moved. When movement stops, the accumulated Electricity will gradually be consumed. Deals damage to nearby enemies upon landing from a Double Jump.

  • Usage – this is your bunny hop double jump nuke, which is passively activated. Your goal is constantly moving to fill up and dump your electricity when needing area-based kills. Remember that the build-up is proportional to distanced move, so you want to chain this with Speed of Light active ability, increasing your speed when filling up for a bunny hop bomb.

Active Skills

Thrill Bomb – Creates a Thrill Bomb to deal damage to the nearest enemy in range. This damage increases proportionally to the amount of Electricity possessed.

  • Usage – another proportional bonus skill that creates a big bomb in a roughly 13-meter radius. You can increase the damage by using a skill power modifier and electricity. The strength of the Thrill Bomb is it can apply an electrocution status effect, giving constant damage pulses.

Speed of Light – Increases sprint speed and the amount of Electricity obtained.

  • Usage – you want to use Speed of Light just after a Thrill Bomb or Bunny hop explosion to quickly build up electricity via increased sprint speed. This ability can be used defensively as well, when you need to peel out of combat but still generate electricity.

Lightning Emission – Moving around damages nearby enemies and inflicts them with an Electrocute effect.

  • Usage – this skill automatically does the Electrocute status effect, which is perfect in large groups of mobs when they want to pulse with damage. With reduced cooldowns, you can combo Lighting Emission, then Speed of Light, gaining electricity for a Thrill Bomb, then back all over again.

Ultimate Skill

Maximum Power – Discharges Electricity forward. Deals damage to enemies that come into contact with the electricity, with the damage increasing gradually based on the discharge time. End when Electricity runs out.

  • Usage – this can be used as a single target nuke beam channel. Therefore, make sure you have a lot of charge and melt a single target.

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