The Sim 4 Still Missing Key Feature 11 Years Later

Exploring the missing key feature in The Sims 4’s 11-year journey — difficulty levels and random events, and the impact it could have on the game’s dynamics.

The Sim 4 Still Missing Key Feature 11 Years Later - difficulty

The Sims 4, even after 11 years, still lacks a key feature that could redefine its gameplay experience – difficulty. In this exploration, we delve into the current state of The Sims 4 and why the absence of varying difficulty levels might impact player engagement.

The Sim 4 Still Missing Key Feature 11 Years Later

The Sims 4 currently offers only one difficulty setting, making the game exceptionally easy for players, as revealed by gaming surveys and player feedback. With straightforward progression in relationships, wealth, and gameplay mechanics, new players will quickly find it easy and, as a result, boring. With over 11 Years, for the seasoned simmers with years of experience, even new expansion is quickly losing its appeal. This ease is further exemplified in the latest Horse Ranch expansion, where a new skill, nectar crafting, can turn Sims into millionaires within days. The solution to combat this monotony? Introducing difficulty levels and consequential random events could bring a refreshing challenge and depth to the Sims experience.

Who are The Sims 4 Players?

According to Gamerant, despite its PG 12 rating, the game more than 60% of players are women aged 18-26. Another Reddit poll indicates that over 70% fall within the 18-35 age range. Does that indicate that the sims become an adult’s game, and if so, why is it so easy and innocent? The decision to make it PG 12 makes it suitable for broader audiences, which, from a business perspective is a smart move by Maxis. So, how can we add to its replayability for a wide age range and solve its major issue?

The Sims 4 Statistics – 2021

Is the Levels of Difficulty a Solution?

After a few hours of gameplay, and for every fan of the series, no matter their age, the game becomes overly easy and, consequently, boring. What could remedy this? Difficulty levels! This concept, as old as gaming itself, could enhance replayability. Imagine easy, medium, and hard difficulties, each adding more struggle. Harder relationship progress or the possibility that some Sims will never get along on higher difficulty would add depth and fun gameplay mechanics. The “growing together” expansion already allows you to adjust Sims’ personality preferences. If your sim enjoys the company of domesticated sims, they will have difficulty finding friends or lovers among sims that are outgoing and like to party. But why not take it further with increased difficulty?

The supernatural powers in The Sims 4, whether it’s werewolves, spellcasters, or vampires, boast specialized skill trees. However, these skills are remarkably easy to level up, with an abundance of options that further boost experience gain, ultimately making it a breeze to become the master of your supernatural abilities. The difficulty levels could make magic unpredictable and reserved for only the bravest and most talented to master. For instance, spellcasters who overuse their abilities may become cursed. On harder difficulty, an extended duration to master casting spells could potentially expose them to such risks. Then, they would need to search for a cure, adding depth to their Sims 4 story.

How Difficulty Levels Could Influence the Simoleons?

Then there’s the issue of money. It’s too easy to accumulate in The Sims 4. On a short lifespan, it’s a mad dash for promotions. On normal, it’s okay, but if you aim to relish your Sim’s life, witnessing their struggles and longevity, the gameplay becomes a walk in the park. This is precisely why players crafted challenges – sets of rules that add spice to the game.

Take, for instance, a challenge where you solely earn money from selling your art. Even such challenges prove easy; nearly everything your Sim creates becomes a goldmine, significantly as their skill level rises. At level 7 in painting skills, dedicating just 2 hours of the Sim’s day results in a masterpiece worth thousands of simoleons. So, why not infuse difficulty into promotions and skill progression? This adjustment would demand considerably more time and effort to amass wealth.

Increasing the time and dedication needed to earn money and skills would also make the eventual achievement of reaching the pinnacle of your Sim’s career or obtaining a university diploma feel immensely more rewarding.

Making it Harder but Avoiding the Grind

Another challenge is making the game harder without becoming a boring grind. Nobody wants to watch their Sim paint for hours just to afford a meal. A balance of slower progress in funds, skills, and relationships with added randomness could provide a solution. The Sims 3 and Sims 2 were more complex and had more random events than The Sims 4, often criticized for lacking in this aspect.

And not just bad things – random good things should happen, too! Why doesn’t some stranger never approach your Sim and say something like, “Hey, come here often?”. Imagine if your sim would have a bad day at work and that would influence their ability to learn all skills until they will do something fun, regardless of their basic needs. Sims 4 has “moodlets” and desires, but those can be easily ignored with no consequences. On Harder difficulty, those should propose a challenge to overcome.

What Missing Key Feature the Sims 4 Need 11 Years Later?

So, what does The Sims 4 need? Difficulty levels and more impactful random events. Those who enjoy the game as it is can still have their preference. Introducing difficulty levels wouldn’t make the game harder for everyone. You should be able to decide whether you want to struggle or play a chilled easy mode today, experiencing the thrill of the unknown in your story with unexpected events at every corner.

The Sim 4 Still Missing Key Feature 11 Years Later Article - difficulty levels

In conclusion, The Sims 4’s lack of difficulty levels makes the game too easy and predictable for players, leading to a loss of interest over time. By implementing varied difficulty settings, players could choose between a relaxed experience and a more challenging, unpredictable journey. The addition of randomness and the revival of more difficult aspects from previous Sims games would inject new life into the gameplay, offering a richer and more engaging simulation of life.

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