V Rising: 10 Tips for Beginners

Launching the full game out of early access, we provide our Top 10 Tips for Beginners, which will help you get started in V Rising!

V Rising 10 Tips for Beginners

Top 10 Tips for Beginners in V Rising

Originally in Early Access, V Rising launched the entire game on May 8th. V Rising blends ARPG elements with survival game mechanics and a unique twist on vampires. Brand-new players will have a sense of combat if they’ve played the Diablo series. In contrast, Enshrouded’s survival game fans will be familiar with the gathering and crafting mechanics. However, it might be confusing for beginners to sort out the progression and the overall premise of V Rising. Therefore, we give our top 10 tips for picking up the game.

Here are the top 10 essential tips and tricks for beginners when playing V Rising:

  1. Progression – advancing is tied to gear level, not experience.
  2. V Blood – targets worldwide that can be killed for spells, materials, and crafting.
  3. Combat – Strafe, use cooldowns, and bring potions to aid in combat.
  4. Blood Types – feeding off NPC determines your combat strength.
  5. Vampire Powers – a progression system that unlocks morphs and abilities.
  6. Base Building – build a base suitable for PvE or PvP to help you speed up progression.
  7. Resources – highlight key indicators on the map to find the desired resources.
  8. Servants – are used to find materials for you and can be sent on missions.
  9. Sunlight, Silver, and Garlic – environmental dangers that can be mitigated or avoided entirely.
  10. Builds – experiment to find the right weapon and spells.

1 Progression

V Rising How Progression Works

In V Rising, progression and overall level are tied to your Gear Level. The best beginner tip for progression in V Rising is to focus on the survival, crafting, and exploration elements rather than combat because there is no experience.   Thus, your priority in progression is researching, crafting, gathering, and obtaining better items throughout the game.  Increase your gear level in the following ways:

  • Equip higher gear level armor, jewelry, and weapons.
  • Complete V Blood to unlock technology.
  • Unlock research with papers and scrolls.

The priority for most players becomes how to increase your gear level.  During the leveling process, you will be looking to obtain new technologies, leading to better craft items.  Moreover, you must move north on your map to find better materials to upgrade your weapons, armor, and jewelry. The point is, don’t expect to farm skeletons and grind werewolves to level. You must rely on the crafting, upgrading, and survival mechanics to advance in V Rising.

2 V Blood

V Rising V Blood Carriers

V Blood refers to the blood of powerful enemies known as V Blood Carriers. These are special boss-like creatures scattered throughout the world of V Rising, each possessing unique abilities and unlocks once defeated.  One of the 10 tips for beginners in V Rising is to focus on V Blood enemies as your main form of progression.  You want to be at the same gear level, or 1 lower, before attacking the V Blood characters. Once slain, you will extract their blood during a long animation and unlock materials, spells, skills, and technologies like better crafting stations.

How to Track V Blood Carriers in V Rising

To track V Blood carriers, open your menu with the k button on the PC.  The User Interface will show the ones you’ve killed if they are fully colored and not transparent.  The transparent V Blood carriers are yet to be killed and extracted, and mousing over their name will give you a rough estimate of where they are located. Select the track, giving you a red blood path to locate the V Blood carrier.  Destroy them, extract the blood, and unlock better spells and technologies to boost your gear level.

3 Combat

Combat Tips and tricks in V Rising

Another top 10 tip for beginners in V Rising is to use your abilities on cooldown as often as possible in combat. At the start of V Rising, you will have limited actions besides a basic attack.  As you progress, you unlock a second weapon ability, ultimate, and two skills.  Here are some general tips for surviving in combat in V Rising:

  • Strafe – constantly move side to side to avoid attacks.
  • Weapon types – you can swap weapons and should bring at least one range and one melee if possible.
  • Consumables – use the Vermin Salve for healing over time and Brew of Ferocity for increased power.
  • Cooldowns – understand your cooldowns and use them frequently.
  • Dash – do not use your mobility dash until you need to avoid an attack or ground-based damage.
  • Ultimate – drop your ultimate at the start of a tough fight, and don’t start one until it’s off cooldown.
  • Spells – use spells that sync with your playstyle, starting defensive and working towards offensive.
  • Powers – Hide behind objects and use the Blood Mend power to heal in combination with Slave

If you die frequently, ensure your gear level matches or exceeds the enemies you’re fighting. Moreover, experiment with spells and swap them out when taking on a range boss vs. a melee trash pack.

4 Blood Types

Blood Types Tips in V Rising

Blood Types in V Rising are bonuses triggered by feeding weakened creatures or enemies.  Each blood type also has a quality level ranging from 1% to 100%. Higher quality blood provides stronger bonuses. If enemies are below 30% health, they will have a popup that says “feed.”  Activating the feed will put you in a brief animation and give you that blood type if completed.  You will be vulnerable during this time, so eliminate the other enemies surrounding you before feeding.

The best tip for finding suitable blood types in V Rising is mousing over each enemy, which will give their percentage of blood quality. Moreover, the Blood Hunger power can be activated by showing the type and quality of the creatures so you can obtain the highest grade.  Later in the game, you can build prison cells to extract blood from captured humans.  Thus, do not kill any human with high blood quality because the bonuses are incredible for combat. 

Obtaining high-quality blood types is essential for beginners because it dramatically increases your build’s effectiveness.  Carry tainted hearts on you if you run out of blood and need some in an emergency. 

5 Vampire Powers

Vampire Powers in V Rising

In V Rising, you unlock various powerful vampire abilities as you progress and defeat various V Blood Carriers. These abilities are divided into Shapeshifting Powers and Blood Powers.  The best tip is to seek out advanced powers when your progression is blocked by height or barrier or you must enter a settlement.

Shapeshifting Powers

Below are all the shapeshifting Powers in V Rising:

  • Wolf Form – Turn into a swift creature, increasing your movement speed by 60%. Taking damage breaks the effect.  Unlock by Slay Alpha the White Wolf.
  • Bear Form – Increases your resistance by 25, movement speed by 15%, and reduces damage taken by 25%. You regenerate health slightly quicker in this form, and remove accumulated garlic faster.  Unlocked by Slaying the Kodia, the Ferocious Bear.
  • Rat Form  – Turn into a small rat and blend into the environment, making it harder for enemies to detect you. Taking damage breaks the effect.  Unlock by Slay Putrid Rat.
  • Human Form  –  Turn into a human, allowing you to sneak unnoticed in human settlements. Unlock by Slay Bane the Shadowblade.
  • Toad Form – The ability allows a player to jump 1 “level” up a ledge and jump over Fences.  Unlock by Slay Albert, the Duke of Balaton.
  • Bat Form  – Turn into a bat and fly high into the air, allowing you to cross impassable terrain.  Unlock by Slay Lord Styx the Night Champion.
  • Spider Form – The ability allows the player to burrow into the ground, avoiding the sun and hiding from enemies.  Unlocked by Slay Ungora the Spider Queen.

Blood Powers

Below are all the Blood Powers in V Rising:

  • Expose Vein – Splits your blood pool in half as you share your blood and blood type with another vampire.  Default power is only used in Multiplayer.
  • Blood Mend – Consume 0.1 liters of blood per second to recover 5% of your max health.  Healing yourself over time with blood unlocked by default.
  • Blood Hunger – Allows you to recognize nearby units’ blood type and blood quality instantly.  Unlock by Slaying Tristan the Vampire Hunter.  Great for finding the best blood type to feed off of.
  • Dominate Human – Grants your seductive abilities, allowing you to charm enemy targets. Unlocked by advancing your base and completing the servant’s quest.  Useful to add servants to your base.
  • Dominate Mount – Grants you commanding abilities allowing you to turn horses into your eternal companions.  Unlocked by advancing your base and completing the a castle reaching the sky quest.

6 Base Building

V Rising Base Building Spot

Building a base is a complex task in V Rising because you will need various crafting, production, and storage items. Moreover, you are free to place your base throughout the map.  If you are a PvE player (no other players), place the map near materials, merchants, and quest hubs in a central location. If you’re a PvP player, you must put your base in a remote location where others will have trouble finding it.

V Rising Relocating Your Base

When you hover over a discovered area, a base opportunity will be shown when no other popups are displayed on the map. This lets you know you can build a base at this location.  Start your base in the south, and move up into the middle northern area about gear level 25.  You can transfer your base with Castle Relocation Heart, which doesn’t cost many materials.  However, we strongly recommend building in the center to quickly travel throughout the region and move as your gear level and V Blood targets progress.

7 Resources

In V Rising, resource gathering is a fundamental aspect of the game that supports crafting, base building, and progression. Efficiently collecting resources is essential for survival and advancement.  The best tips for gathering resources in V Rising are as follows:

  • Travel at night.
  • Explore different regions for different materials.
  • Highly known locations that tell you what materials you can find.
  • Destroy crates; materials will show up.
  • Destroy carriages; they are full of materials.
  • Abilities that speed up attacks help farm resources
  • Use Servants by giving them your hand-down gear and sending them on a quest.
  • Craft during the day and operate your crafting stations after completing a gathering session at night.

Check your V Blood carriers if you struggle to find the specific resource needed for crafting an item or a quest. Often, they either reward it, or it’s in an undiscovered zone. 

8 Servants

Servant Coffin in V Rising

In V Rising, Servants are human NPCs that players can capture, convert, and use to perform various tasks and defend their castle. Players can find potential servants in various human settlements, such as villages, bandit camps, and other populated areas. To capture a human, the player must weaken them in combat. Once weakened, the player can use the “Dominating Presence” ability to charm and capture the human, turning them into a servant candidate. After capturing, the player needs to bring the charmed human back to their castle and place them in a servant coffin to initiate the conversion process.

Sending Out Servants in V Rising

The best tip for beginner players is to capture as many servents as possible. Initially, you will have access to 5 coffins. You’ll want to craft some basic armor and weapons, then send them on missions via your Throne. The servants allow you to outsource massive material farming and thus have you focus on V Blood targets and gear level progression. Therefore, make sure NOT to salvage any unused gear. Save it in storage until you unlock it and progress to servants and equip because they will face enemies in combat.

9 Sunlight, Silver, Garlic

Garlic Exposure in V Rising

Certain environmental hazards and debuffs in V Rising significantly impact your gameplay experience. Understanding and managing sunlight, silver, and garlic elements is crucial for survival and progression.

  • Sunlight is highly harmful to vampires, causing damage over time if exposed during the day.  There are potions and gear sets that reduce the harmful effects. However, you get about 3 seconds of audio and visual cues before taking damage, so fade in and out of shaded areas.
  • Silver – You take damage over time based on the amount of silver you carry.  We suggest wearing the Hunter’s Cloak or Phantom’s Veil, which gives you 15 resistances to silver. Thus, you can carry a few coins on you without taking damage. Potions also exist to help with this. 
  • Garlic – a debuff around all Cotton Farms.  Stacks up to 100 times. Each stack increases damage taken by 1% and reduces damage dealt by 0,5%.  You must use bear form and garlic resistance potion to farm cotton early in the game.
  • Bloodmoon – night turns red and you gain bonus damage. This is the time to track down that hard-to-kill V Blood enemy.

To avoid these environmental hazards in V Rising, use potions, gear, bear form, and nighttime when traveling.

10 Builds

V Rising Build Tips

When creating a build or playstyle for V Rising, you must choose your weapon. The Sword is a great melee weapon, but the Longbow is best for range. Each weapon type gives two different skills geared towards a specific style. The Sword gives an AOE ability and a crowd-control single-target strike. The longbow is about keeping enemies at range with knockback, but it must be aimed and channeled.

Next, pick a spell combination that suits your playstyle. The simplest way to survive at the start is by using the Blood Magic tree. Blood Magic can help you heal while dealing damage. Our favorite early game combination is Blood Rage with Power Surge using a Sword. The combination gives you area-based healing and explosion with higher attack speed. Allowing you to cut down waves of enemies, heal, and even farm resources quickly.

The best tip for beginners is to experiment. Everyone’s playstyle is different. Sometimes, you must block melee attacks depending on your enemies, so swap in a “block” style spell. Sometimes, you need more range to take down pesky archers. Do not be afraid to try different things until you find a blend of survivability, damage, and fun factor.

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