Wayfinder: The Reaver King Content Update

Wayfinder’s newest content update, the Reaver King, introduces exciting quests, weapons, and fixes, enhancing your gaming experience!

Wayfinder The Reaver King Content Update

Wayfinder is a character-based action RPG game based in a realm known as the Gloom. The Reaver King update has us facing off against a brand-new boss and his minions. We will scour the Hollow Woods, looking for new enemies to defeat and new loot to obtain. In addition to bug fixes, the content update brings additional quests, side quests, weapons, and bosses to the game.

The Reaver King Content Update in Wayfinder

In addition to the four main quests and three side questlines, the Reaver King update will also introduce two new boss hunts. Below are lists of the new available quests with The Reaver King update:

New Quests

During these new main quests, we get answers to some long-awaited questions surrounding the Hollow Woods and the beasts within. Additionally, we gain access to extra sidequestlines full of stories on their own. Once you complete these quests, you can fight the bosses, Wormwood and Reaver King, in repeatable encounters known as Hunts.

Main Quests

  • The Hollow Heart: Back again to Deepwood Holt. Seek out Graymourn and Omen, who will set you on the path to the Wormwood Hunt.
  • Wormwood: Wormwood stands between you and unlocks the power of a third imbuement slot. Get to Deepwood Holt to accomplish your quest.
  • Roots of Evil: Return to Graymourn for one final request before you are ready to unlock the Reaver King Hunt.
  • The Final Battle: You have what you need, Wayfinder. After severing the root, you can challenge the Reaver King. Reach a Gloom Gate and start your Hunt against this foe.
Wayfinder Eclipse Side Quest

Side Questlines

  • Eclipse Questline: A mistake from Arsenal’s past has returned to haunt the Highlands. The Essence needed to forge a new weapon is up for grabs. Corrupted by a dreaded weapon of the Deep Eldren, the Weapon Master’s old protégé, Anson has returned to consume all light and life in his path. Speak with Arsenal to hear what she has to share.
  • Ring of Ashes Questline: A mysterious ring from the mythologized Kingdom of Ashes has been found after a thousand years. The Engineer believes it might be used to uncover arctech wonders lost to time, and, perhaps, the Engineer’s origins. Once you’ve located the ring, check in with him.
  • Painful Secrets Questline: Your help is needed by a friend in Deepwood Holt. Seeker Avala herself has begun glitching in and out of reality, bringing to light a secret Lord Halar has been harboring since those first days after the Fall. Seek Avala out to see what secrets are surfacing.

New Weapons in Reaver King

In addition to the Reaver King update, we also gain access to four new weapons: Legacy, Rose and Thorn, Eclipse, and Nightshade. Below is a list of weapons and archetype we are gaining access to with the Reaver King update:

LegacySword & Shield
Rose and ThornDual Wield
EclipseTwo Hand
Wayfinder Reaver King Weapons


Wayfinder Legacy Weapon

Legacy features in Wayfinder:

  • Ability Power: 259
  • Crit Power: 130
  • Resilience: 107
  • Mag Defense: 448
  • Weapon Power: 187
  • Crit Rating: 187

Ability: Phalanx – Protects the Wayfinder and all nearby allies with a Damage shield, absorbing all damage, and preventing impacts until the shield is broken. Increases the magnitude of the shield for each Latent Power Pip consumed.

Rose and Thorn

Wayfinder Rose and Thorn Weapon

Rose and Thorn features in Wayfinder:

  • Physical Defense: 324
  • Mag Defense: 324
  • Max Health: 89
  • Crit Power: 268
  • Weapon Power: 124
  • Crit Rating: 249

Ability: Thorn Blossom – Slam into the ground, shooting thorns up from the ground below the Wayfinder. Enemies hit will be inflicted with Rose Blossom for 10 seconds, taking additional damage each time they are hit.


Wayfinder Eclipse Weapon

Eclipse features in Wayfinder:

  • Max Health: 86
  • Weapon Power: 259
  • Ability Power: 268
  • Mag Defense: 223
  • Crit Rating: 187
  • Crit Power: 187

Ability: Steel Vortex – Throws the axe to spin in a vortex in front of the Wayfinder, dealing damage multiple times before returning. Additionally, it deals damage for each level of Momentum consumed.


Wayfinder Nightshade Weapon

Nightshade features in Wayfinder:

  • Ability Power: 259
  • Phys Defense: 215
  • Crit Power: 268
  • Mag Defense: 223
  • Resilience: 150
  • Weapon Power: 187

Ability: Wyvern’s Fury – Reloads the gun with an empowered clip. During this clip, the weapon is fully automatic and every bullet is infused to apply a stack of Poison on hit. Poison is a tiny DoT that stacks up to 20 times and deals damage over 6 seconds.

Whether you like farming for weapon drops, killing exciting bosses with new mechanics, or completing quests in Wayfinder, you are sure to find something to do in this Reaver King content update. Meanwhile, if you wish to read the full update article, including the bug fixes, you can find it here.

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