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Chasing the Crown Part IV Zero Day

After spending nearly 24 hours in Cyrodiil, I'm sitting in fourth position in Haderus campaign with an Emperor already crowned.  It's a long week and I'm not giving up, but wow have I realized just how little I know about PvP in Elder Scrolls Online.  Don't get me wrong, I can fight and press buttons 1-5 better than most, but I underestimated the complexity and desire to achieve Emperor .  With on...
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Chasing the Crown Part II Preparation

Day two of Chasing the Crown and becoming Cyrodiil's Emperor is all about preparation.  Today I needed to start completing every little task to help improve my character's chances of making it to the top.  It started out with a test run with the Emperor of the Thornblade campaign.  I was able to witness the sheer power of an Emperor in action, rallying the entire faction to defend his throne.  But...
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PvP Tip #1: Prepare for War

If you've been watching my stream, you know I have been playing PvP in Elder Scrolls Online non-stop (North American Server Thornblade Campaign).  It's a part of the game that I haven't dedicated enough time to and as part of my things to do prior to patch 1.6, it was time to jump in.  I wanted to come out with some posts about what I've been learning and number one is being preparing for combat w...
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ESO PvP How to Enter Cyrodiil

Are you thinking about or currently pursuing a productive experience in Cyrodiil?  Check out our ESO PvP How to Enter Cyrodiil guide by Party Pyro. “Pull the NPCs! Focus the Tower Mage! Stack the Crown! Crash the Flag! NEGATE NEGATE NEGATE!!!” (more…)
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