ESO Whitestrakes Mayhem Event

ESO Whitestrake’s Mayhem PVP Event May 2023

Whitestrake’s Mayhem PVP Event

After much delay The official announcement of the dates for the hotly anticipated ESO Whitestrake’s Mayhem PVP Event is here! The event starts next week on Thursday, May 11 and will run for nearly two weeks.

As a PvP based event, all the rewards can be found by participating in combat either in Cyrodiil, Imperial City, and in Battlegrounds. Be sure to check out Deltia’s Whitestrake’s Event Guide for more information on how to make the most out of this event!

Check out the official ZOS announcement here, or read on below for additional details.

The Mayhem Never Ends!

The Whitestrake’s Mayhem in-game event returns Thursday, May 11 at 10AM EDT, and runs until Tuesday, May 23 at 10AM EDT. During this period, you and your fellow adventurers can enjoy big boosts to both your Alliance Point and XP gains while earning awesome in-game rewards by participating in ESO’s PvP modes.

ZOS Official Mayhem Announcement


  • Using the Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity will grant your character a a two-hour, 100% buff in the Alliance War, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds. This buff will apply to Alliance Points gained and XP gains for PvP player kills.
  • There will also be a 100% boost to Tel Var Stones gained throughout the course of Whitestrike’s Mayhem; no scroll required
  • Players harvesting nodes in PVP areas will loot extra resources


Pelinal’s Boon Boxes

As you battle throughout Tamriel, gaining fame and glory beyond compare, you can earn event-specific loot.

  • House Dufort Banneret Outfit Styles
  • NEW—Gloamsedge Armor Style

As you compete across Cyrodiil, Battlegrounds, and the Imperial City, you can earn Pelinal’s Boon Boxes in addition to your regular Rewards for the Worthy containers and PvP daily quest rewards. You can receive these boxes from participating in the activities listed below:

  • Battleground quests from Battlemaster Rivyn
  • Scouting, Battle, Warfront, and Conquest Missions
  • Elder Scroll capture and recapture quests
  • Town quests in Vlastarus, Bruma, Cropsford, Cheydinhal, and Chorrol
  • Imperial City daily quests

Within Boon Boxes, you have the chance to receive the following items:

  • Parcel of Tel Var Stones
  • Cyrodiil repair kit
  • Soul Gems
  • A guaranteed drop of ONE of the following:
    • Alchemy ingredients
    • A style item for your Alliance’s armor style
    • A style item for Akaviri armor style
    • A Daedric siege weapon
    • A Whitestrake’s Mayhem book furnishing
    • A Forward Camp for your Alliance
    • A Chapter of your Alliance’s armor motif
      • There is a small chance that the full book may drop instead of a single chapter
    • A Prismatic Runestone
    • A Chapter for the Akaviri armor motif (or very rarely, the full book) (0.5%)
  • Fragment of the Alliance Breton Terrier pet
    • There is a small chance you discover two fragments instead of only one
  • Transmute Geode
  • Tools of Domination Weapon Style Page

The Golden Vendor

The Cyrodiil merchant Adhazabi, “The Golden” Aba-daro will update her shop’s stock to contain jewelry from Cyrodiil’s item sets, in CP160 Legendary quality. Aba-daro’s Bazaar will offer valuable necklaces during the first weekend of the event and rare rings during the second.

Note that during Whitestrake’s Mayhem, Aba-daro will not be selling Monster Masks and all purchases in her shop must be made with Alliance Points. She will not accept gold.

Event Tickets

During this event, you can earn up to three Event Tickets each day by completing two different PvP activities:

  • Two Event Tickets from the first Cyrodiil or Battleground daily repeatable quest
    • Note that these can include Bounty Board quests, a Town Daily, the Conquest Board quests, or the daily Battleground quest
  • One Event Ticket from a District daily quest within the Imperial City

The Impresario merchant will be offering all of the following:

  • All three Passion Dancer Blossom pet fragments
    • Chartreuse Lily Petals
    • Enchanted Silver Flute
    • Mystical Sheet Music
  • All three Passion’s Muse personality fragments
    • Bottle of Silver Mist
    • Delicate Dancer’s Baton
    • Pressed Lily Petal Insoles
  • The first two Meadowbreeze Memories skin fragments
    • Bottled Skin Dyes
    • Ground Jade Lily Powder
  • Bound Gloamsedge armor style pages
  • Bag of Veteran’s Glory containing one guaranteed drop of a previous Whitestrake’s/Midyear rewards that you haven’t already collected
    • Black Drake Clanwrap style pages
    • Second Legion style pages
    • Legion Zero style pages
    • Legion Zero Vigiles pages
    • Ebonsteel Armor pages
    • Black Drake’s body or face markings
    • Battle-Scarred body or face markings
    • Standard-Bearer emotes
    • Standard-Bearer staves and shields
  • Group Repair Kits
  • Companion Guild Commendations for Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Undaunted
Meadowbreeze Memories Skin

Additional Information:

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