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Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store

Welcome to our Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store post for all the latest in ESO Cash Shop.  The Crown Store is currently on the Public Test Server (not live in game) and these items are meant for preview purposes and may change before or after the launch of Patch 1.6.   ***NOTE*** We do not know what the conversion rate of Crowns to Currency.  So all the prices listed are in "crowns" NOT...
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ESO Veteran Dungeon Guide – City of Ash

It's time to tackle the most difficult Veteran Rank 14 dungeon in Elder Scrolls Online, Veteran City of Ash.  In this guide, we cover each boss and their mechanics, giving you the edge to take down these monsters and grab those phat loots.  So let's get started with our Veteran City of Ash Guide! (more…)
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ESO Ultimates Guide

The most powerful abilities in the game come from ultimate and using it effectively can make or break the team.  After spending countless hours in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), I wanted to share some insights as what I've learned about ultimates.  The purpose of this guide is to discuss the mechanics of ultimates, highlight a few important ones, then discuss how you can optimize these abilities ...
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ESO PvP Strategy

Strategy is what separates the Pick up Groups (Pugs or puggies) from the guys who go into Cyrodiil and make people cry.  And I've been waiting for this week ever since I started writing articles. This is why I PvP in the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). Strategy combined with real world leadership comes into play and you’re not just mashing buttons anymore. You’re using distraction, coordination, surpr...
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ESO Siege Guide

Siege weaponry is a vital part of the assault and defense of any location in Cyrodiil. It’s also often misused and misunderstood. There are quite of few forms of siege and each has a specific effective use. This week I’m going to be going over the basics of siege in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) and how to use it in our ESO Siege Guide. (more…)
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ESO Sorc DPS Build

Welcome to our Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer build name Turbulence.  This build is meant for high end magicka based damage and can handle Trials or Dragonstar Arena.  Turbulence can also be adapted to play as a healer or PvP with a few changes to abilities and gear.  Overall, this is one awesome build that combines all the Sorc's power.  So let's get started with our ESO Sorc DPS Build Turbulence....
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