New World Prime Gaming - December 2022

New World Prime Gaming – December 2022

We are back with New World Prime Gaming – December 2022 update, and this month, we have an Archaeologist Title to go alongside the Runestone Stopwatch, Azoth Vial, Umbral Shards, Charged Sand and Acid Tincture in the Fruit of the Dunes Cache. The promotion ends on 16th December 2022. We’ve got the last month of Prime Gaming drops for 2022!

Prime Gaming is a program with Amazon Prime that offers adventurers a selected few items, a title and useful goods to unlock in New World. If you have an active Amazon Prime subscription, you can head on over to this page and read more on how to link your New World account and get your rewards. After that, you can jump to New World and your items should be automatically applied to your character! Grab the loot to help you on your travels through the dangerous Brimstone sands and on the supernatural island of Aeternum!

This month players can get:

  • Azoth Vial x10
  • Runestone Stopwatch
  • Umbral Shards x500
  • Charged Sand x10
  • Acid Tincture x3
  • Archaeologist Title

New World Prime Gaming - December 2022

Drops are available for PC only!

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