All Baldur’s Gate 3 Alchemy: Potions & Recipes List

Potions crafting is a complex system in Baldur’s Gate 3 that offers many beneficial effects and bonuses, here is the complete alchemy recipes list.

In the captivating realm of Baldur’s Gate 3, alchemy is a mystical art, that offers adventurers the opportunity to create elixirs known as potions. Through alchemy, you can make your characters much stronger and more efficient in combat and outside of it. The game allows you to create potions through the alchemy crafting system. However, to create potions you need recipes and ingredients.

You can craft potions from various ingredients found throughout the land and can provide your character with bonuses to abilities, resistance, healing, and much more.

Recipes are precise combinations of ingredients that, when mixed will result in useful elixirs. There are 40 potions and potion recipes in Baldur’s Gate 3, each offering unique effects and benefits. You can find your Ingredients in Alchemy Pouch in your Inventory, similar to all potions.

All Potions Recipes List in Baldur’s Gate 3

Here is a list of all Alchemy Potions and Recipes in Baldur’s Gate 3:

PotionsRecipes’ IngredientsEffectDescription
Elixir Of SilvanusComing SoonCure Nettie’s PoisonBlessed By The Oak Father Himself, This Tonic Will Cure Even The Most Baneful Poisons.
Goodberry PotionComing SoonRegain 1d4 Hit PointsCreatures Who Eat This Berry Regain 1d4 Hit Points. Plump And Juicy, This Berry Exudes A Soothing, Sweet Smell. 
Potion Of HealingComing SoonRecover 2d4+ 2 Hp.A Draught For Minor Cuts And Bruises.
Potion Of Greater HealingComing SoonRecover 4d4+ 4 HpA Draught For Curing Moderate Injuries.
Potion Of Superior HealingComing SoonRecover 8d4 + 8 HpA Draught For Curing Serious Injuries.
Potion Of Fire ResistanceComing SoonGain Resistance To Fire Damage Until Your Next Long Rest.Pleasantly Cool To The Touch. A Layer Of Frost Coats The Inside Of The Bottle.
Potion Of Force ResistanceComing SoonGain Resistance To Force Damage Until Your Next Long Rest.The Surface Of This Concoction Remains Remarkably Still, No Matter How Much The Bottle Is Agitated.
Potion Of Cold ResistanceComing SoonGain Resistance To Cold Damage Until Your Next Long Rest.This Bottle Feels Warm, As If Its Been Sitting In A Hearth.
Potion Of Lightning ResistanceComing SoonGain Resistance To Lightning Damage Until Your Next Long Rest.This Potion Causes A Tingling Sensation In The Extremities When Consumed
Potion Of Poison ResistanceComing SoonGain Resistance To Poison Damage Until Your Next Long Rest.Popular Among Politicians And Adventurers Alike.
Potion Of Psychic ResistanceComing SoonGain Resistance To Psychic Damage Until Your Next Long Rest.This Potion, Reminiscent Of Whiskey In Taste But Not Effect, Is Known To Cause Temporary Ringing In The Ears.
Potion Of SpeedComing SoonGain Haste For 3 Turns.This Solution Ripples And Splashes Of Its Own Accord, Almost Like It’s Trying To Escape The Bottle.
Oil Of SharpnessComing SoonCoat Weapon
When Applied To Piercing Of Slashing Weapons, Grants A +3 Bonus To Attack And Damage Rolls.
Tiny Silver Shards Give This Clear, Gelatinous Substance An Uneven Sparkle.
Basic Poison IComing SoonCoat WeaponEven When Closed, A Chocking Acrid Smell Emanates From This Bottle.
Basic Poison IIComing SoonCoat Weapon
Coats One Slashing Or Piercing Weapon, Or Three Pieces Of Ammunition, With Poison That Inflicts 1d4 Poison Damage. Lasts For One Minute
This Delicate Vial Has A Skull Detail On The Side. Its Contents Are Remarkably Odorless.
Basic Poison IIIComing SoonDrinkDon’t Be Fooled, This “Potion” Will Leave You Worse For Wear
Potion Of PoisonComing SoonDrinkDon’t Be Fooled, This “Potion” Will Leave You Worse For Wear
Wyvern PoisonComing SoonDeals 7d6 Poison Damage, Halved If The Target Succeeds A Dc15 Constitution Saving ThrowAs Tasteless As It Is Deadly, Harvested From A Gland At The Bottom Of A Wyverns Tail
Potion Of SleepComing SoonBecome Unconscious For 3 Turn, Status Ends On Taking Damage Or Help Action. Hypnotic Patterns Swirl Within This Hazy Potion.
Potion Of Animal SpeakingComing SoonGain The Ability To Comprehend And Verbally Communicate With Beasts Till Your Next Long Rest. A Heavy Aroma Of Hay, Musk, And Manure Greets Your Nose Upon Opening This Bottle.
AntitoxinComing Soon Cures Poisoned Creatures. This Concoction Appears Rather Chewable, Thick As It Is With Herbs And Roots.
Potion Of Fire BreathComing SoonDrinking This Potion Grants The Ability To Breathe Fire Once, Causing 4d6 Fire Damage To A Target Within 30 Feet.Burns More Going Down That Waterdhavian Rum
Basilisk OilComing SoonA Thick, Grey Oil Swirls Within Its Container, Extracted From A Basilisks Gullet, This Oil Has The Ability To Turn Petrified Oil Back To Its Original State. Na
Potion Of Hill Giant StrengthComing SoonYour Strength Score Changes To 21 For One Minute.A Sliver Of A Hill Giants Fingernail Is Suspended In This Potion, And The Foul Stench Renders It Unpleasant To Swallow.
Potion Of InvisibilityComing SoonBecome Invisible For 1 Minute. Attacking Or Casting Spells Ends The Status. You’d Think This Bottle Was Empty But For The Sound Of Sloshing Liquid From Within.
Potion Of VitalityComing SoonRemoves Exhausted Status And Cures Any Poison Or Disease.A Coveted Restorative For The Adventurer On Their Last Legs.
Broken PromisesComing SoonStrength Is Increased By 2 Until The Next Long Rest. Upon Resting, Strength Is Indefinitely Reduced By 1A Parasite Swims In The Bottom Of This Bottle, Fat With Strength.
Faltering WillComing SoonDisadvantage On Wisdom Savings Throws Until Rest.A Sweet, Intoxicating Aroma Hangs Around This Bottle. It Reminds You Of Home.
Heart Of StoneComing SoonResistant To Poison Damage Until Rest.Fragments Of Malachite Swirl At The Bottom Of This Potion, Coalescing And Seperating Rhythmically.
Insanity’s KissComing SoonHostile To All Other Creatures For The Condition’s Duration.Something Thrashes In This Heavy Ground, Consumed By Rage.
Lost TimeComing SoonArmour Class Is Reduced By 2. Can’t Take A Reaction.Its Seal Is Dry And Cracked With Age, Yet The Clear Potion Within Bears No Signs Or Spoilage.
Lover’s AvariceComing SoonWisdom Is Indefinitely Reduced By 1.A Rotten Pungency Undercuts This Potion’s Otherwise Pleasant Aroma Of Roses And Honey.
Missing PetsComing SoonIllusionary Spiders Run Up And Down The Creature’s Body, Imposing Disadvantage On Ability Checks And Attack Rolls.Thousands Of Little Legs Skitter Inside This Bottle, Seeking An Escape.
A Mother’s LoathingComing SoonGains Bite Until The Next Long Rest.A Hint Of Blood Lingers Around The Stopper. It’s Enough To Make Your Mouth Water.
StillbornComing SoonBleeding From The Inside. Suffers 1d6 Piercing At End Of TurnA Traditional Brew Of Ergot And Nutmeg, Meant For Mothers Who Will Never Be.
Wilted DreamsComing SoonCreature Is Watched From The Shadows, Taking Upon Rest.Smells Like A Sleep Potion Turned Sour.
Potion Of FlyingComing SoonDrink To Gain A Flying Speed Of 60ft For One Hour.The Bottle Feels Lighter Than If It Were Empty
Potion Of Acid ResistanceComing SoonGain Resistance To Acid Damage Until Your Next Long Rest.To Be Added
Auntie Ethel’s CharmComing SoonBreak This Charm To Receive All Benefits From The Enhance Ability Spell Until Long Rest: Bear’s Endurance, Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, Eagle’s Splendour, Fox’s Cunning, And Owl’s Wisdom.Despitre The Rotting Smell Wafting Off This Talismanm, Holding It Makes You Feel Inexplicably Powerful.
Butterflies In The StomachComing SoonDeals 1d6 Piercing DamageA Traditional Brew Of Ergot And Nutmeg, Meat To Recapture The Fluttering Thrill Of Fist Love.

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