Baldur’s Gate 3 Acolyte - Background and Inspiration Goals

Baldur’s Gate 3 Acolyte: Inspiration Goals & Guide

In Baldur’s Gate 3, your inspiration goals are defined by your background, as an acolyte, your faith guides you, and the god or gods you worship.

By Pixel | Updated for Patch 9 on June 16th, 2023

Baldur’s Gate 3 Acolyte - Background and Inspiration Goals
Acolyte – Background

What is Acolyte Background?

Acolyte is a background in Baldur’s Gate 3, and it represents their proficiencies, where the character comes from and what their life was like before. NPC characters, including your companions, will recognise your origin and sometimes ask you questions about your faith or temple service. Being an Acolyte can occasionally earn you favours or enemies.

You have spent your life in service to a temple, learning sacred rites and providing sacrifices to the god or gods you worship. Serving the gods and discovering their sacred works will guide you to Greatness

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What are Acolyte’s Proficiencies?

In addition to the role-playing aspect, the background defines proficiencies, giving you a small bonus to dice rolls and success in checks. Proficiency is what your character is good at and what knowledge they possess. Acolyte’s default proficiencies are History, Religion, Medicine, Perception, and Insight. Your Acolyte’s proficiency features are Religion and Insight.

Religion is an Intelligence skill that will help you with the following checks:

  • Practices of secret cults
  • Religious hierarchies
  • Deities
  • Rites
  • Prayers
  • Holy symbols

Insight is a Wisdom skill that will help you with the following checks:

  • Recognise someone’s speech habits and changes in mannerisms
  • Gain clues from body language
  • Search for a lie
  • Determine someone’s the true intentions
  • Predict someone’s next move

Should you choose Acolyte in Baldur’s Gate 3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you should choose Acolyte if it fits your character and you like it. Acolyte and other backgrounds have defined proficiencies, while classes have a list of skills they can be proficient with, and you can pick only two or three. As a result, Acolyte will be trusted by those who value loyalty and the same gods or god as you. You can quickly earn enemies in atheists or NPCs with different faith or beliefs. Your inspiration is greatly connected to performing prayers, and you will benefit from your knowledge of history and deities.

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How Inspiration Goals Work Baldur’s Gate 3?

Further, in Baldur’s Gate 3, your Acolyte background allows you to complete special goals that will reward you with inspiration that you can later utilise when playing the game. When you perform an action that is true to your origin, your character will be inspired.

Acolyte Inspiration Goals

The following table presents Acolyte’s Inspiration Goals:

Inspiration GoalDescription
A Kiss Without MercyIn the Shattered Sanctum, impress Abdirak by completing performance checks.
A Unified SpiritAt Waukeen’s Rest, pray with the Flaming Fists
Divinity UndoneAt Ravaged Beach, in the Dank Crypt in the west chamber, unlock and read the Book of Dead Gods. Complete two checks: unlock and examine it.
Flute Must WaitUse Scroll of Revivify on your party member or pay the skeleton in your camp after discovering him.
Her Gift of SilverIn the Owlbear Cave, open the chest. You must find the scroll behind Selune’s statue and read it close to the chest to unlock it.
Last Rites of the Dark DancerIn the Underdark, pass a religion check and spill a few drops of blood to complete Eilistraee’s Ritual of Sorrow.
Justice Sees AllDiscover and reveal why Anders betrayed Tyr. Use Speak with Dead Spell or Scroll on the body in the Tollhouse and speak with Anders.
Saving the HereticIn Dragons Grove, Talk to the Goblin and Free Maglubiyet priest. You can kill guards or persuade them to leave. Help her escape.
Silvanus’ SolitudeKill Zevlor and report to Kagha, then witness the ritual that seals off the Grove or return to the camp.
Shatter the MoonIn the Selunite Outpost, destroy the Moonstone on the Selune’s statue.
Tipping the ScalesPersuade the Kuo-Toa that you are chosen and kill BOOOAL.
The Final Scribe’s BoonIn the Chapel’s Hidden Tomb, discover Jergal’s amulet.
Treefather’s SorrowKill the Druids in the Grove to unleash Silvanus’ curse

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